How To Create A Personalized Way To Guide Your Website Visitors To Become Leads And Customers With ConvertFlow [Video]

Are you an entrepreneur? Running an online business? Ecommerce site? Consultant? Coach?

Or maybe you’re running an Agency or involved with one.

Would you like to know how to create a personalized way to guide your website visitors (or your clients site visitors) to become leads and customers?

If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place!

If you answered yes, it means that you are still not getting enough leads and customers from your website.

Right now, potential customers are visiting your website, reading your content and considering purchasing.

But, you and your team don’t know that and remain unaware and unable to reach out to guide that lead into becoming a paying customer.


What if you and your team could personally guide each visitor to take action, based on who they are and what they’re interested in, automatically?

What would that do for your lead flow and bottom line?

Ponder that. Let that sink in…

While you do, take a moment to watch this short 3 min. demo training video.

Prepare yourself to be amazed…

…Now that the demo’s finished playing – what do you think?

I am curious…

Is this something that you’ve been wishing for and searching for?

To be able to capture, qualify and segment leads on your website automatically?

Personalization to drive more conversions?

Personalized ‘calls to action’ (CTAs)?

and much, much more…

All without coding?

Can you see this working for you?

If you answered yes to any of these you owe it to yourself (and your clients) to
Click Here To Learn More

Thanks for reading.

Now, go get ’em tiger!


Mark Huber

Messenger Marketing Are You An Early Adopter Or Late Bloomer


So here’s today’s question: Are you an early adopter or a late bloomer when it comes to technology and trends or even business in general?

And the reason I ask is that depending on how you answer has far reaching implications to you, the health and success of your business and ultimately to your bottom line.

Over these last few months I’ve been immersed in educating myself (and others) about the ground breaking marketing opportunities that exist through simple Messenger messaging and incorporating them into lead generation funnels.

You may have noticed this pivot in my FB/LinkedIn & Instagram posts…

I LOVE being on the cutting edge of things. Perhaps you do as well.

There are so many advantages to being first to market and so much profit to be made when you are. Right?

Yet the question remains. As an early adopter can using messaging inside lead gen funnels really drive business goals?

Are you’re curious about Messenger messaging and how they can impact your business?

Would you like less friction in your existing lead generation programs?

More leads? Increased intimacy with those leads?

The ability to turn them into sales faster?

Higher ROI with less ad spend?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these…

Watch my short demo video here as I walk you through one of my simple Messenger lead gen funnels…

A Simple Messenger Lead Generation Funnel

Additionally, you can enjoy the rich user experience ‘live’ for yourself AND get my FREE report: “How To Use FB Messenger To Grow Your Leads & Sales Automatically Fast & FREE” delivered immediately to you (via messenger) while you are there.

It’s all on my FB page @BotsRUsMarkHuber at

So why the fuss you ask?

Well, because I want to bring about awareness of a new kind of marketing tool and methodology that is here and now and will become the ‘norm’ in the future. That is specifically incorporating and proactively utilizing Messenger messaging and chat bots in marketing.

But first, let’s step back in time for a moment…

Remember when email first showed up in our ‘in boxes’?

Remember people saying that it was just a fad and why in heavens name would people ever use email when they could just as easily pick up the telephone and call someone…

However, if you were like me (and others) it was a magical experience. Those were the ‘golden days’ of email marketing.

A new era of communications and a way of communicating had just opened up.

Experiencing 70% open rates and 30% click through rates was common place ‘back in the day’ and many careers and fortunes were build on and around email marketing.

Well friends, time marches on and things change. Technology evolves as do peoples tastes and attention spans (or should I say lack thereof)

We are in the ‘early adoption’ phase with ‘bots’. Think email 20 years ago.

Now, we are on the threshold of a new era. Let’s leave the news headlines and ’artificial intelligence’ sensationalism out of this discussion because it’s all conjecture at best and let’s focus on what we know at this moment in time.

Let’s talk about business and the business of marketing. Let’s talk about the customer and the process and cost that is involved to get one and the time and effort to keep them happy, satisfied and repeat buyers….

Right now marketers are getting anywhere from 55%-85% response rates with Messenger Marketing (with 100% delivery). Are your current email campaigns delivering even close to that?

Here’s a ‘screen shot of a tiny 12 hour test I did recently

What would that mean for your business?

What if you could seamlessly stitch the use of a free messaging tool operated by the world largest social platform into your existing lead generation program to give you those kind of numbers? Interested?

So I’ll ask again: Early Adopter or Late Bloomer?

Now, maybe you’ve got questions. Who doesn’t? Allot of this stuff is cutting edge and change is occurring swiftly too.

So then, here are the top 5 most common questions I am asked about Messenger messaging and chat bots in marketing.

Q: What is a chat bot anyhow?

A: A chat bot is simply a piece of text messaging software inside of an application. They’re built to work inside messaging platforms like: Slack, Kik and Facebook Messenger and allows you to communicate seamlessly and instantaneously with customers, leads and fans alike.

Q: I don’t use Facebook or messaging personally, so how can this really work?

A: That’s okay because other people DO use it. The Facebook Messenger app has more than 1.2 billion monthly active users so you’ll be reaching a huge market. And think about it like this… Remember what we just said about email? When email was a new thing? Now pretty much everyone uses email on a daily basis and the companies that jumped into it quickly thought it may have seemed crazy at first, but they were able to lock in subscribers fast and scale from there.

Q: Why does Facebook want businesses to use chat bots?

A: So here’s the deal. Facebook is actively trying to get businesses to use chat bots because it keeps people engaged and on the Facebook platform. This means they WANT Messenger Bots to catch on and are doing everything in their power to make this a reality. This is no fad, this is actually CRITICAL to Facebook’s business and growth plans. The cost of placing ads on Facebook has jumped dramatically in recent years. In fact, in the summer of 2016 Facebook announced that they are running out of ad space on their main platforms and need a new place to serve ads, which they will eventually do with Messenger.

In fact, breaking news today (3 June, 2017) Facebook has announced that they have rolled out Messenger ads into Instagram; which by the way they own and control. This is huge!

We’re focused on reaching customers inside Facebook Messenger because Facebook is encouraging this. They want the Messenger app to replace email. Already 1.2 billion people use it every month. Now they’re encouraging companies to reach people via Messenger to increase the app’s lock in.

Did you know that you can now send and receive money with PayPal and Stripe via Messenger? How cool is that?

Again, this just underscores the direction that Facebook is going and the commitment they have to make it happen!

Q: Do chat bots annoy customers or do customers like them?

A:  Actually, we’re finding out that customers actually PREFER these messages over email in huge numbers, but only if they are written right.

‘Typical’ email click throughs: +/-20% vs. ‘Typical’ chat bot click throughs: +/-60% (that’s huge for clicks)!

For one thing, the messages are shorter (it’s ‘messaging’ after all!) and easier to read than email. Also, it’s a lot more interactive and fun, since you can add buttons, gifs, and more to the user experience.

It’s instant. I mean when does your phone ping and you never wonder who’s messaged you! We all are curious and we all check it out immediately! Right? And finally, just like email readers can unsubscribe anytime.

As long as you remember to create your communications with ‘best practices’ in mind so you can avoid feeling spammy and intrusive you’ll be fine.

But now here’s the rub. As you’re reading this you might still have the wrong idea about messaging and chat bots.

When it comes to chat bots allot of individuals only equate them with customer service or ordering platforms. You know, like the phone companies and large institutions where we are served up a menu of prompts that we either have to voice or manually direct.

That is one way to use chat bots and to use them effectively and efficiently.

But no, that’s not what we’re referring to here.

Instead, we’re talking about Messenger marketing funnels using chat bots.

There’s a big difference

What we are referring to is the ability to actively attract leads and create relationships.

And if this process feels familiar, it should, because it’s a lot like email marketing… In fact, it’s email marketing on steroids.

With a well designed running messenger marketing program you have the benefits of providing personalized service, you have the attention of your audience, you get active engagement and participation and the ability to reach a wide audience – all rolled into one!

Again, if your messenger marketing is well thought out and ‘on point’ you can easily make the client service experience and onboarding incredible by actively driving engagement giving you the opportunity to gather feedback and in making any notifications remarkable and not bothersome. The opportunities are as endless as they are incredible limited only by your imagination and purpose.

Messaging marketing and chat bots at the moment are seen as a huge trend (and they are) and one will only continue to grow. Why?

Because the smart business owners recognize the fact that it’s simply another tool that when used smartly and intelligently will reduce friction to facilitate and improve the interactions between you, your leads and customers and your products and services.

Less friction. Smoother sailing. Happier and more engaged customers. Bigger bottom line! Boom!

So in closing, when done right, using Messenger messaging and chat bots in your business will exponentially increase your potential for more business and bigger profits.

The future of lead generation is here and it’s waiting for YOU!

Now, go grab a chat bot by the ears and go get ‘em tiger!

Thanks for reading.


Mark Huber

Ask us how to launch your Messenger lead and sales generation program in 7 days (or less). Connect on our premier site Hang out inside our LinkedIn group Lead Generation and Growth Hacks For Business Owners Swing by and say ‘Hi’! on Facebook and Twitter.

Mark and his team specialize in proven growth hacks that deliver fast and consistent wins for busy entrepreneurs and business owners. Give yourself a huge ‘unfair advantage’ over your competition by creating: intimacy, lead qualification, conversations & sales and MORE to your bottom line

Messenger marketing: What it is and what it means for you and your business


So what is messenger marketing? Why is this term trending? What does it mean? Why should you care and why is it suddenly gaining so much popularity when it was never even mentioned before?

Glad you asked and here are some answers…

In the summer of 2016, Facebook opened up it’s messaging platform to developers. And proverbial ‘Pandora’s box’ was opened to anyone who wanted to develop programs based on Facebook’s messaging platform. This was huge and has since spawned a large and robust industry filled with products and services compatible with Facebook.

So, now to be clear. A messaging service is just a piece of software that facilitates texting within an application.

Simply put, a chat bot is a text messaging program that is automated (initiated by the user) that is delivered by an application. That’s it!

The benefits of chat bots are that they are a wonderful tool for engagement that provide a new, personalized and immersive experience for users to interact with you – automatically!

Here’s a quick peek of one of mine at work (click image to play)… on Twitter!

Chat bots can help you bridge the gap between marketing and sales for growth.

The big news here is that by placing a chat bot on a Facebook business page you own or on your website/blog or on a ‘landing page’ or webinar ‘thank you’ page will allow your (potential) followers to start an automated ‘chat with you’ to find out more about what you can offer, rather than having to read some long, lengthy, and likely boring, write ups.

A well designed chat bot will delight and engage your user and make a ‘one to many’ broadcast feel like a relevant, rich and intimate ‘ one to one’ experience.

That is where the true value of chat bots and messenger marketing lies.

Did you know that you can even set up your chat bot to automatically send a relevant message sequence to users when they comment on one of your FB posts? Think of the possibilities here of turning mere visitors into long-lasting followers and customers.

By engaging a chat bot into your business you are well on your way to generate leads and make sales – even while you sleep!

Once it’s set up, your chat bot messenger messaging works on autopilot. It’s the ultimate leverage of your time by delivering your message to many 24/7!

This has to be one of the best passive lead generation and income methods on the market today and this is why there’s so much talk about it.

Compared to email, Messenger delivers 100 percent of the time and today we’re seeing 80%+ open rates and 50%+ click thru rates. (When was the last time you ran an email campaign that could boast anything close to those numbers?)

Interested in starting to use Messenger marketing (including chat bots) in your business?

Best case scenario: you get a great new way to reach your audience which will help you cut through the noise of email

Worst case scenario: you’re no worse off than you are now.

Want to know how you might use it for your audience?

Here are a few examples:

1.    Put a “get another cool freebie when you sign up via messenger” on your Thank You pages. Meaning – when someone has already signed up via email, put a Messenger link on the page you send them to afterwards. (Now, you have another marketing platform to communicate with them with. Just think email but on steroids!)

2.    Add a Messenger link to the first email you send to someone when they subscribe to your email list

3.    Put a widget or button on your blog or website in addition to your email subscription button / widget Like I’ve done here!

4.    Use paid FB ads to drive people straight into Messenger

With a few hours I could blow your mind with what’s possible…

To see what all of this looks like just click here to see a little sequence I put together and get a free report I authored delivered to you via Messenger

Interested in finding out more? If you enjoyed this short introduction check out another of my articles ‘Messenger Marketing: Are You An Early Adopter Or Late Bloomer’ that also includes my ‘walk thru’ video demonstrating a messenger marketing sequence.

How to Become an INFLUENCER in Less than 12 Months

I am sure that you’d agree that your success in life and business can often be attributed to those whom you follow and whom you allow to influence you.

That said, I have had the privilege of getting to know fellow Canadian Scott Oldford over the past 2 years; ever since he first came to my attention online and the insights and information that this young man offers up so generously have been a ‘game changer’ for me and for many others.

And as I believe that when we have something of value it is our pleasure and duty to share it with others so that is why I am sharing him and his wisdom here with you today. Enjoy!

How to become an INFLUENCER in Less than 12 Months via Scott Oldford

4 years ago, I was $726k in debt with no options.

3 years ago, I was running an agency and hated my life.

2 years ago, I was a “no one” in the business growth/online space.

1 year ago, I was getting known in this world.

Today, people keep on tossing around the world “influencer”.

The fact that I should be allowed to influence anything, is scary.

But… hey, I’ll take it.


You and me, we have an unfair advantage.

For me, it’s been building HUGE Online Communities and Websites and helping clients for years with Growth using Online Marketing.

For you…

Whatever your craft is, it’s likely that you’re REALLY good at that.

However, the problem is if, your value isn’t distributed and if that value isn’t leveraged.

Your ability to use it to mediate attention, get paid what your worth and have an amazing life is difficult.


Here are the steps that I’ve found that allow you to become a so-called “influencer”.

1. Become extremely clear on the singular thing that you want to be known for. Kill everything else. (Business Growth for me)

2. Decide the exact audience that you’re intending on helping and forget about everyone else. (Mine is Six-Figure Entrepreneurs)

3. Decide which media platforms you will own, don’t try to own more than 2, maybe 3 (mine are Facebook, Facebook Ads and Email)

4. Decide what media type is going to help you the most based on your audience and personality (writing is most effective for my audience)

5. Develop a marketing funnel that automatically allows you to bring strangers and turn them into advocates of yours.

6. Develop a value-multiplier, such as a program or something that allows people to “buy” from you, so they see you as a business and not just another person. Ideally, they can buy this at anytime and it’s a few thousand dollars.

7. Get in the habit of developing content EVERY, SINGLE, DAY. It doesn’t matter if it’s all amazing, most of it won’t be. However, ensure you are publishing to your main platforms.

8. Act as if you have an audience before you have one, go into the “reality distortion field” and remember that you MUST be a person someone WANTS to follow, thus you must be a person that would follow yourself.

9. Make a list of 250 influencers, 250 of your ideal customers, 250 podcasts, 250 blogs.

10. Get on the phone with AS MANY people as possible.

If you aren’t have 40 calls a week, your doing something wrong.

You aren’t sell ANYTHING…

You’re building relationships and seeing how you can help someone else.

11. Create an active community, such as a Facebook or Linkedin Group, invite those that you resonate with on the phone. Ideally have 50 people from Day-One.

12. Start getting attention of people and land a couple articles, podcasts, etc. all running back to your main marketing funnel.

Take these and then leverage them to go back to people that said “no”.

Perservance is the game.

13. Continue to create great value and post every single day.

14. Help as many of the influencers, podcasters, and other influencers, by looking at what they need. How can you help their audiences further.

15. Start partnering with those with specific folks who you’ve started developing deep relationships with and having them elevate you to their audience, you can also make money by directing them to your marketing funnel and product.

16. Attend Masterminds, that are small and where you get to know 10 or so people really well, this is where there is massive magic.

17. Start connecting people together and seeing how you can all benefit from being able to work together.

18. Continue being omnipresent with content and increase your consistency.

Rinse and Repeat…

Every day…

1% better a day…

Within 12 months, you’ll be an influencer.

It will be a lot of work…

However, being an influencer will change your life.


and be an influencer for the right reasons.

Being an influencer sucks a lot of the time.

It’s easier to hide in the shadows…

Remember, being an influencer is about being able to influence things you want to influence.

It’s not a popularity contest…

If you do it for that, it’ll be difficult to succeed.

People will see right through you.

And with that…

Go become an influencer.

– End –

Wise words from a young Canadian man who should know… Just ‘Google’ the name ‘Scott Oldford’ you’ll find the story of his journey as an entrepreneur utterly fascinating.



Ask us how to launch your Messenger lead and sales generation program in 7 days (or less). Connect on our premier site Hang out inside our LinkedIn group Lead Generation and Growth Hacks For Business Owners Swing by and say ‘Hi’! on Facebook and Twitter.

Mark and his team specialize in proven growth hacks that deliver fast and consistent wins for busy entrepreneurs and business owners. Give yourself a huge ‘unfair advantage’ over your competition by creating: intimacy, lead qualification, conversations & sales and MORE to your bottom line!

9 Reasons Why You Aren’t Making At Least $50,000 a Month

I am sure that you’d agree that your success in life and business can often be attributed to those whom you follow and whom you allow to influence you.

My name is Mark Huber and I have had the privilege of getting to know fellow Canadian Scott Oldford over the past 2 years; ever since he first came to my attention online and the insights and information that this young man offers up so generously have been a ‘game changer’ for me and for many others.

And as I believe that when we have something of value it is our pleasure and duty to share it with others so that is why I am sharing him and his wisdom here with you today. Enjoy!

9 Reasons Why You Aren’t Making At Least $50,000 a Month (if you aren’t already) via Scott Oldford

“It’s not that making money is difficult, it’s that believing you can make as much money as you want, when you want, is what’s difficult to believe”.

For a lot of you, this isn’t relevant.

You’re already making far more than $50,000/month.

For those that aren’t yet, here’s my code to achieving $50,000/month quickly.

As a second note, $50,000/month doesn’t solve many of your problems or challenges, however, it’s the minimum in which you’ve unlocked two superpowers.


and Impact

Many people have freedom, but impact no one.

Many people have impact, but have no freedom.

Have both?

It’s rocket-fuel for your life and DNA.

*** Before you go further, if you enjoy this… can you “like” or “comment”, it’s my passion to make as many millionaires as possible. If I make thousands, it’s impossible for me not to achieve my destiny and by sharing, it may just hit someone in the face, at the right time and change their life. Thank you. ***

Reason #1: You’re afraid to let go

You’re going to have to delegate, you’re going to have to outsource, there are pieces of intimacy that you have today, that you’re going to have to let go of…

Right now, you’re handling marketing, sales, operations, finance, delivery, support…

With your own little “mixture” of things, you’re doing a half-ass job of everything, however, you lie too yourself and say that no one else can do it as good as you…

Or at least that’s how it feels most of the time.

Simply put, you’re afraid to let go of the process, as you don’t know the result.

Reason #2: You’re not using internal and external leverage

If you aren’t delegating and creating internal leverage in your business, then it’s just dumb.

You need to get to the ZONE OF GENIUS… and by outsourcing all but your genius, you’re able to do other things better and take your super-power and scale it.

Further, if you aren’t creating external leverage, with the way that you sell your product, then you also have a problem…

This means, if the product you sell involves your time, then you’re ability to scale and grow and have full clarity and be a true “CEO” will never ever happen.

Reason #3: You don’t have a real business model

Most folks at $0-$150k don’t have a business model.

You found an opportunity and you took it…

Now, the problem is… your business model is broken.

It doesn’t have any of the leverage above…

And quite simply…

You may have to take a crack at a new business model in order to properly grow…

This stops many Entrepreneurs, because they are afraid to “tinker with what works”…

Yet, if they don’t change their actions, they will be stuck with 10% a growth a year, not 1000%.

Reason #4: You still don’t have a “reason”

Once you have the sharks off your back… you must have a purpose for what you do…

It doesn’t have to be your life’s purpose.

Marketing isn’t my purpose in life.

However, my purpose is to change how Entrepreneurs are able to scale from $100-500k –> $1M, eliminating the difficult pieces by giving the right mentoring and education…

Thus, I’m creating a brand new type of eLearning company.

It’s not my destiny, however, it’s a purpose, I can wake up and pursue every day for the next 5 years.

Without this… you’ll get burnt out…

and further, after you make $25k/month, for the most part, your life is “good”…

Making $25k/mo and $250k/mo doesn’t actually change your “lifestyle” that much.

However, one makes you rich, the other one allows you to “live rich”.

Reason #5: You are allergic to money

Most people I meet are allergic to money, they don’t want any of it.

They feel like there is some responsibility, like it is “dirty”, like it’s not for them.

They say, “I don’t like money”.

In reality, what they are saying, is that they don’t like the responsibility of FREEDOM.

Money buys us FREEDOM and FREEDOM scares us…


We can be whoever we want when we aren’t accountable to the set of rules that the world gives us.

Being “rich” allows us to do what we want, when we want, for whatever reason we want…

And you’re afraid that you’ll become the TRUE version of you and those people who are around you today, won’t like you anymore, because of it.

Instead, look at FREEDOM as the ability to truly unlock your authentic self… to do what you want, when you want.

It’s okay, to have money.

Reason #6: You’re only using your network and referrals

You’re going to get nowhere fast using your network and referrals to drive your business.

If you do this, you’re months away from a disaster.

You’re playing the lottery…

If you’re the ONLY thing that is bringing new customers and clients, then you have a major problem.

You must automate this process, you must be able to attract new clients and customers, automatically and turn them into customers, in a nearly automatic process.

The only thing you should have to do is host a webinar, or have a sales call (or your sales person, do that call).

If you’re always out there, “hunting things down”, you’re going to always be on what I call the 6-Figure Hamster Wheel.

You’re better than that…

You can attract people in a 1-to-many way…

Not a 1-to-1 way, that’s not leveraged.

Reason #7: You’re trying to follow a “blueprint”

If you’re trying to follow some blue print, it’s impossible.

There is no one size fits all for growing your business…

Take inspiration for many places, however, remember that what works for someone else, may not work for you.

Find mentors/coaches that have done the exact same thing as you and study them… see what you want and what you don’t want.

I’m talking about how you run your operations… how you run sales… how you run marketing… how you run your life.

Just because I run my life a certain way… doesn’t mean it’s a blueprint for YOUR definition of success.

That’s on you.

Don’t copy, rip and duplicate for your own success.

Reason #8: You’re living for the result, not process

If you want to truly succeed, you most become obsessed with the process and separate it fully from the result.

Building a business that does $50k+ a month, requires that the result you expected, won’t happen… time and time again.

This requires a large amount of patience.

If you’re always beating yourself up because you didn’t hit your goal, or you’re disappointed, you’ll get nowhere fast.

By focusing on perfecting the process and letting the result become better and better overtime, it takes the pressure off, giving you the ability to do things in a better mindset.

Reason #9: You’re afraid of growth, due to being comfortable

A common theme, I see with folks is that they may complain about not hitting their revenue goals… or their goals in general, yet they do nothing about it.

Being miserable has so much comfort, that they are “okay” with the way life is…

Because, it’s just NOT THAT BAD…

and it probably isn’t.

Problem is, when your life flashes before you, before you die someday… are you going to regret the comfort you exchanged your best version of your life for?

So, then how do you generate $50,000/mo?

1. Have the right audience

2. Have the right offer

3. Have the right business model

4. Deploy Internal + External Leverage

5. Automate 3-Tiered Attraction

6. Look at money as value-exchange

7. Get Ready for Real Freedom and Impact

Go and dominate that shit…

If you’re at $8,000 – $25,000 a month and want help…

PM me, I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

– End –

Wise words from a young Canadian man who should know… Just ‘Google’ the name ‘Scott Oldford’ you’ll find the story of his journey as an entrepreneur utterly fascinating.



Ask us how to launch your Messenger lead and sales generation program in 7 days (or less). Connect on our premier site Hang out inside our LinkedIn group Lead Generation and Growth Hacks For Business Owners Swing by and say ‘Hi’! on Facebook and Twitter.

Mark and his team specialize in proven growth hacks that deliver fast and consistent wins for busy entrepreneurs and business owners. Give yourself a huge ‘unfair advantage’ over your competition by creating: intimacy, lead qualification, conversations & sales and MORE to your bottom line

There’s A Fundamental Shift Taking Place Online Are You Ready?

The internet was supposed to make things easier or businesses to sell products and services and for media companies to monetize attention…

It didn’t!

Today, media brands are finding it harder than ever to monetize through advertising alone, and at the same time commerce brands are watching their margins shrink and their acquisition costs skyrocket.

The problem is massive, and both new and established brands are understandably concerned.

But is there a solution?

There is, and we believe we’ve found it.

To win in 2017, your brand must strike a balance between “content” and “commerce.”

Because content needs commerce… and commerce needs content.

To put it another way, media companies (think bloggers, podcasters, news sites, content marketers, etc.) are great at aggregating attention, but they often fall short in MONETIZING that attention.

Commerce companies (i.e. ecommerce stores, Amazon sellers, and even traditional brick and mortar retailers), on the other hand, are usually great at monetization…they just lack the systems and know-how to attract attention and build communities around their brands.

So, if:
1. You’re a Blogger/Content Marketer looking for ways to monetize your efforts (beyond traditional advertising)…
2. You’re an ecommerce store owner looking for new traffic sources and channels to sell your products…
3. You’re a Brick and Mortar Retailer looking for a way to “take your business online”…
4. You’re an Amazon seller, and you know you need to build your own brands and sales channels!

If any of these describes you… then you need to see this

If you’re serious about stepping up your game and if you want to increase your share of the pie…

The future of lead generation is here and it’s waiting for you.

Concerned? Interested? Curious? Just Click Here To Learn More

How to Generate More Qualified Leads Fast By Creating Interactive Content

As a lead generation tool there is no denying the fact that content marketing is still pretty much king.


Well because content marketing typically costs 62% less than traditional marketing techniques and generates at least 3 times as many leads.

People now-a-days have the attention span of a goldfish (about 8 seconds) before they move on.

You need to stop them, engage them and create a user experience that they’ll love so much that they ultimately become your customers.

That’s why more and more savvy business owners and marketing types strive to create content that is both engaging and also acts as a lead magnet for your business. However, the tricky part is combining both of these essential elements successfully and profitably!

So, how can you provide high-quality content in an original way and capture those valuable contact details effectively?

Following are three proven ways to capture leads by making your content more engaging: interactive content, gated visual content and direct prospect engagement.


1. Interactive Content: Calculators and Quizzes

Interactive experiences like quizzes and calculators are playing a revolutionary role when it comes to customer acquisition.


Well because quizzes and calculators ‘gamify’ the lead generation process as well as providing instant gratification and delivering personalized results. Both quizzes and calculators have an amazing sharing and virality potential, which also makes them ideal content material for your social media channels.

Today’s consumers are looking for interactive content that not only entertains but adds value and keeps them engaged.

Think about yourself online for a moment here…

What would attract you the most: a newsletter subscription form after a long blog post? Or an interactive calculator that offers you insights on the costs of your next video marketing campaign? The calculator, of course.

Now, you well might be asking yourself: “Sure Mark, interactive experiences may be appealing to me and others, but how does that bring me those leads I am looking for?

Good question. So here’s how we do it.

When someone gets to the end of your quiz or calculator, they are probably eager to see their results, right? So wouldn’t they be OK to share their name and email address in return for the answers?

Of course! (How many times have we done this with a Buzzfeed quiz that a friend shared with us or with a calculator on a site that interested us?)

Additionally, if you put together your quiz properly the answers provided by your prospects will be gold and can help you better segment and classify your acquired leads and get a better understanding of what they are all about. (These insights can help you immensely in developing other products and services your prospects/customers will buy.)

And don’t forget to nurture your leads once they have provided their contact data; a simple thank you email with their results is just the first step. You need to have an automated sequence of emails to continue the engagement, deepen the relationship and increase the ‘know, like and trust’ factors.

Over 60 percent of sales occur AFTER the first contact has been made. So don’t abandon your quiz prospects – they will be golden to you AND your bank account!

2. Gated Visual Content: Presentations and Videos

Variety in your content marketing is vital for business success and just as you expect diversity in your life and in the content you consume, so do your potential customers.

You want to share engaging content that does not consume too much of your prospect’s time and a great way to do this is with visual materials such as presentations (slideshares) and videos.

Once again, you have your prospects’ attention, but what about lead generation?

Two words: gated content.

‘Gated content’ is managed by a tool that allows you to ‘hold’ your presentation or video content from being viewed until your prospect gives up their contact information in exchange for the opportunity to access your content.

So, if they have been consuming your content so far, they are clearly interested in the ‘next step’ material and of course will be more than willing to provide an email address to continue viewing more valuable content that you’ve created.

‘Gated content’ is a great way of guiding your potential customers along their ‘buyer’s journey’ and ending with a strategic CTA (call to action) at the end of your presentation or video can generate immediate ‘first time’ buyers for you. How cool is that?

3. Direct Prospect Engagement: Webinars, Contests and Chatbots

Another great way that you can interact with your customers proactively and generate countless leads in the process is by engaging directly with them. And no, I am not talking about cold calls and emails or door to door selling.

I am referring to direct engagement as a content strategy where both you and your prospects participate jointly together from the first until the last step.

What do I mean by that?

Well, there are three main strategies that work brilliantly for direct engagement and they are: contests, webinars and chatbots.

To start with, there are tons of ways companies can stitch a good contest into their existing marketing program to increase leads and sales.

Everything from picture contests on Instagram, to prize contests for participating in surveys.

By creating an attractive contest and promoting it on your site and sharing it on your social media platforms you can be sure hundreds of leads will be providing their contact details to participate.

Webinars are another successful marketing tool and are the second most successful engagement and content delivery strategy, only behind live events.
Webinars are easy to schedule and organize and are a great platform to use to educate, entertain and sell from.

Now chatbots!

Chatbots have been around for years but now Facebook just validated the bot movement for businesses.


Facebook has given developers access to the source code for FB Messenger (FBs messaging app) and now awareness and chatbot creation has exploded in popularity. And with good reason.

By way of a backgrounder, a chatbot is nothing more than a piece of software that lets you communicate with people inside of a messaging app, like Facebook Messenger.

A good digital assistant (chatbot) is one that can be used for many things like:
Engaging your audience with a welcoming and personalized conversation
Handles your frequently asked questions (FAQs) automatically through keyword-triggered responses
Sends recurring updates or one time deals to users that asked for them
Entertains your users through quizzes, contests or games

Chatbots tell your story in an original way using the most natural interface everyone understands and uses: messaging!

The key to a successful chatbot is creativity, continued narrative and well orchestrated storytelling.

Chatbots aren’t smart (they just drive the conversation) it is you – YOU are the smart one that stays in control!

So there you have it!

Experimenting and combining different strategies will help you create experiences that will have you generating leads automatically through your content.

Just make sure your content focuses specifically on your prospects , is responsive, and not too intrusive.

The results will then speak by themselves.

Thanks for reading.

Now, go get ‘em tiger!


Mark Huber