What is a business directory listing audit

[News Flash] Online directories showing your business listings are ruining your Google rankings! Do you know how to combat it?

Have you seen how many business directories you business listing currently appears in?

I’m specifically calling out the ones that you have not signed up for OR approved getting listed with!

Here’s the problem.

For Google to show your business higher over your competitors in search results they need to know that your business is ‘trustworthy’ and one of the biggest ‘signals’ it uses is NAP

A consistant NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) across the whole Internet is critical in establishing that ‘trust’ in Google’s eyes.

You also need to continually monitor your NAP for accuracy & consistency.

For example: Would you want to maintain a listing on some ‘home services’ directory if you are running a ‘dental practice’. It makes no sense & that’s the kind of thing that Google takes into consideration too!

Make sure that your NAP is consistant on any of the relevant directories you see value in for your business. Delete any accounts with your listing in them that do not serve your needs or are totally innapropriate for your business category.

Have you done a business listing audit recently? Ever?

If not, Start Here
(the link above will direct you to Moz – one of best known & loved companies used by professionals worldwide)

Warning: The results may shock you!

But don’t worry! We know how to fix it. Ask us how!

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