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[Breaking News!] Ecommerce Messenger Master Class (You’re FREE Invitation)

Are you a business owner who currently runs an online store? (Or thinking of getting started?)

Join me for the ‘Ecommerce Messenger Master Class’, an ongoing digital class taught by Octane AI CEO Matt Schlicht.

Matt will teach you how to grow your business with Messenger, and he will regularly bring in successful ecommerce merchants to answer any questions you have about growing an ecommerce business and using Messenger chatbots.

Here’s the link to ‘sign up’ & join the FREE ‘Ecommerce Messenger Master Class’ (See you there!)

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Are you currently running an eCommerce store?

Are you ready for the holiday shopping season? Is your shopping cart?

I want to show you the amount of spending that happens during the holidays (keep in mind, this is ONLY ecommerce)!

$1 billion spent every day from Nov. 1st – 22nd from ecommerce.
$1.52 billion spent on Thanksgiving on ecommerce.
$5 billion on Black Friday from ecommerce retailers.
$6.6 billion is taken in from ecommerce on Cyber Monday.
$108 billion is spent on ecommerce alone during the holidays.

How can you get a slice of this pie? By reducing your abandoned cart customers.

Did you know that you’re probably losing over 53% of your abandoned cart customers?

Don’t believe me?

Here’s the link for YOUR STORE abandoned cart customer stats!

Note: Copy & paste the following link into your browser and type in your domain/store name in place of URL (in link) to see your personal cart abandoned stats ( )

So, are you pleased with what you see?

We can plug this leaky hole in your website with a fantastic method that will re-engage all those people automatically (this typically
results in saving up to 50% of those lost sales)

We help you start conversations that generate immediate sales & then nurture the rest to purchase from you later. We can have this up and running in usually 3 days. Let’s chat. Message us here

Now, without further ado, here’s my short list of things that I’ve found to be useful recently & hope

they give insights & value to you too!

So in no particular order…

1. Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Businesses: FREE Tools That Will Blow Your Mind

2. The 7 Best Podcast Promotion Strategies (And How to Use Them)

3. Do you have a ‘Hello Bar’ On Your Site? If not, you should!
Here are: 14 Great Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Conversions (Click mine above for inspiration 😉

4. 37 of the Best Prospecting Tools for 2019

5. How To Uncover & Market To The B2B Prospects Who Are Browsing Your Website But Not Converting

6. Google Ads For Local Businesses: 3 Smart Ways to Generate More Sales
Great article with simple, actionable steps to start to see the results you’ve been looking for.

7. See your messages with local businesses in Google Maps
This is super cool! As a local business owner when you have enabled messages in your GMB dashboard you’ll be able to connect with anyone immediately (or automatically). (Check out my ‘how to’ video on this. It’s on my ‘Google My Business’ site here )

8. My Secret Tactic For Driving Significant Growth for Your Locally Based Business
I created this short training video & wanted to share it with you… Enjoy! It’s on my business Facebook page as:
‘How to get good reviews fast for your Google My Business (GMB) Listing’

9. ‘How To Quickly Create A FREE Lead Generation & Sales Funnel Using Messages Inside Messenger’
(less than 15 min., no coding necessary)

10. Want to know how to take the mystery out of a viral marketing campaign that generated 114,485 leads in less than 30 days?
Get your visitors to bring you even more visitors by enticing them with a cool giveaway or reward if they invite their friends!
Watch this short 6 min. video! (no optin required)

11. You’re not answering your prospects fast enough.

Well, that’s it for this week.

See you back here next week with more good stuff!


Mark Huber

PS: Want more leads & sales fast? Start engaging where your ideal clients are now.
See my latest engagement convo demo (will open in your Messenger)

PPS: Which posting was the most valuable, illuminating or just plain rocked for you?
Would love to know…

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This installment of our ‘In Crowd’ marketing round up newsletter is proudly sponsored by Octane AI

Are you running an online eCommerce store?

Looking forward to the holiday sales season?

What about your shopping cart?

Are you currently able to collect email AND Messenger opt-ins?

Want to increase engagement & follows AND retarget those potential buyers who didn’t buy from you yet?

Well, now you can!

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On the other hand, if you’re the type of business owner who feels the need to figure things out despite the learning curve involved… In this case, intergrating 3rd party platforms, as well as staying compliant with Messenger marketing rules & nuances while writing engaging copy & launching trial & error engagement & follow up campaigns then you need to check out AI Octane here. (FYI: I am a proud partner of Octane AI & this is my affiliate link. You do not pay any extra should you purchase through said link. I am paid directly from the vendor & it’s enough for a few tins of cat food for my cat Lucy. So, it’s a ‘win-win’ & thanks in advance 😉

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