The $1 Dollar Marketing Agency Leads And Sales Generator Growth Hack

Hey all Here’s a leads and sales ‘growth hack’ for you just in time to combat the ‘summmer blues’ for sales. Whether you are new to business or just want to generate some exciting new activity for an added revenue boost to your bottom line.

Feel free to steal this idea from me and run with it…

This is perfect to share with your existing audience members on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter or with any one else that you’d like to work with.

This works as an email or message out reach campaign and you can even modify the following if you wish to have it appear on your various social media platforms, on your website, as an ‘exit pop up’, etc.

Just make sure to change up the following to suit your personality, business and/or industry.

[Email Header] The $1 Agency (Service Offering) You get 30 min. to pick my brain (& a marketing consultation) for just $1.

[Email Body] Hi there,

My name is [your name] and I’m the founder of the $1 agency. We’re good enough that we just… [what you’ve done]

We’ve worked with clients from [ client/student names]

We do marketing consulting for just $1. Seriously, that’s the pitch.

For $1, we’ll sit down and work through your marketing, find where you need some work, and offer our suggestions.

Sounds crazy I know, but we’ve helped our clients [name what you’re most proud of (generate over $200,000 in additional revenue)] just through the advice that we’ve given in these sessions.

Are you free for a chat about increasing your revenues with a new marketing strategy?

It’s the best buck you’ll ever spend.

You can get started right here:

[Your calender link here i.e. ]

Look forward to hearing from you.


[Your Name]

Additional note: Keep the email/message/advert short. However, for added ‘oomph’ I’d also include a link that would lead to a short 6-8 question ‘pre qualifying’ survey using ‘’ and make sure to include your unique ‘Paypal/Stripe’ link for the $1 payment.

That way you have some advance idea of what your potential clients are up, what’s on their mind and the best way to give them some ‘quick wins’ on the consulting call that will give up front meaningful value and go a long way in the clients mind to quickly hiring you.

Seriously, the reason that this works is that people will value your services far more if they pay for them – even if it’s a ‘micro payment’ – it’s a ‘micro commitment’!

Well, that’s it! My desire is that this will help you to think ‘outside of the box’ when it comes to marketing your services and programs.

Thanks for reading!

Now, go get ’em tiger!


Mark Huber

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