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Your Special 2 for 1 Messenger Marketing Offer from Mark Huber

Messenger messaging sales funnels & conversational marketing...


Make it easier to buy from your business.

Make it faster to buy from your business.

Make it exciting to buy from your business.


Adds to your revenue & bottom line faster!


That's what it's all about, Right?!


Now, I am not going to insult your intelligence by telling you you can't do this yourself. You can.


But, as a savvy business owner you know that time is money...


Outsource the things you need done so you can focus on the things you do best. Right?!


Industry leader HubSpot was able to attract 20% more qualified leads by merely adding live chat as a communication channel.

What would a 20% increase in qualified leads look like for your business?


HubSpot also recently ran an experiment by delivering content offers via Facebook Messenger.


The test saw a 2.5X increase in open rates and 6X the number of clicks when compared to email.


It's also a well known and documented fact that adding Messenger into your current marketing program means that more people show up (& buy!) on your Webinars & Online training events.


This just illustrates the new reality of how people want to shop, buy, and engage online with companies today.


So, that's were we come in.


We will execute quickly to:


1.  Book your initial 'strategy' call.


2. Install 'live chat' on your existing Website/blog & your FB Business page.


3. Accept your 'lead magnet' (pdf file) & link(s) to existing sales page, YouTube video, blog post, LinkedIn or FB post, etc.


4. Craft 'Welcome' & follow up messsages including timed sequencing for engagement & re engagement.


5. Deliver your brand new 'clickable link' for you to share in emails & your social media platforms.


6. Advise until 50 prospects have engaged your Messenger funnel and are on your subscriber list.


7. Guarantee 24 - 48 hr. 'turnaround to completion' (once all materials & steps needed from you are completed) & 'best efforts' depending on previously scheduled work from this offer.


The whole concept of adding conversational marketing via Messenger into your current marketing could seem a bit weird because hardly any business owners are using it, but it's actually exciting BECAUSE HARDLY ANYONE IS USING IT & it's the platform your ideal clients are on!


When you start using Messenger you'll soon discover it's your 'unfair advantage' over the competition. And that's a good thing - Right?


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Still unsure?  Then watch this demo video first.


'How To Automatically Deliver A Lead Magnet For Leads & Sales Using "Live Chat' On Your Website & FB Biz Page Fast' [Demo Video]


This demo video is only 14 minutes and breaks down as follows:


Video start 0:00 -7:30 is FB Biz page demo


7:30 - 14:30 is website page demo


Here's the sequence I demo'd using Messenger.


Experience first hand the magic of conversational marketing for yourself   Click Here  (will open in your Messenger)


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