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Gain the competitive edge you need to stand out online, increase engagements: take control of Google search results & your income!.

Let us help you turn your online presence & activities into high performing, high converting ‘digital real estate’ that wins you more business fast!

Our services will:

Amplify your online visibility for search results & conversions

Increase your website visits, appointments, phone calls, bookings, leads & customers

Boost your competitive advantage

Positively impact your local rankings


We create taylored programs to meet your specific marketing needs!

Highlights some of our top ‘in demand’ service packages are:


Increase Your Website Load Speed ($249.00)
Google’s new standard is 3 sec! How do you compare? Website owners have a mere 5 seconds to engage visitors before they consider leaving! 74 percent of mobile users will leave if the site takes longer than 5 seconds to load. Every one-second delay in page load time could lead to $1.6 billion in annual losses for online merchants such as Amazon. Reducing your websites ‘load speed’ is a just a very smart & simple way to generate more business revenue! Ask for your FREE ‘website load speed’ analysis report today today!

Is Interactive Media The Future Of Digital Marketing? Watch the video for the answers…

Interactive content (quizzes, calculators & assessments) package ($600.00)
It’s a known fact that interactive content like quizzes, calculators & assessments engage customers at a psychological level often with over 60% consistently! Help first, sell later. By adding a quizz, calculator or assessment as part of your qualifying lead generation process will show that you’re trying to add value by helping your ‘ideal people’ first. The personalized information & insights your leads/prospcts get back from your quizz, calculator or assessment will increase the likelihood they will then believe your product is part of the solution they are looking for.Are you serious about getting more sales? More bookings? More appointments? More qualified leads & sales fast? Then you need to give your visitors a reason to raise their hands & engage with you. Start by adding a quizz, calculator or assessment inside your current marketing. We can help you with that! Ask us how today!

Your Business Promo Video Package ($500.00)
Want to more ‘eyeballs’ on your products, goods & services for more leads & sales fast? 60sec. & 2-5min. videos are the answer. The results will delight you & create awarness & trust for prospects & clients & you’ll see immediate ROI from just 1 video! We’ll create your business promo video, upload it to your ‘new’ YouTube business branded channel & optimize for greater viewing & higher Google ranking & search results. (See: )

Is Conversational Marketing Right For Your Business?

High converting onsite digital assistant ‘starter’ package ($400.00)
The traditional way of ‘leads to sales generation’ contains a lot of steps and a lot of friction, but conversational marketing can achieve the same goal faster in a better way. Filling out forms is outdated. People want conversations more than they want to fill out forms.Being able to use conversational marketing tools for automated conversations & sales chat allows you to be more timely in your marketing and sales communications, and in turn, boost conversations into sales conversions.So if you’re serious about getting more sales, more bookings, more appointments for your demo; more leads; more clients — then give your visitors a reason to raise their hands & engage with you.Just insert a simple interactive conversational agent (chatbot) into your website. (and all your social media platforms too!) Let us show you how. Talk to us today!
( See: )

Special digital assistant ‘business’ package ($800.00)
We help you quickly generate new leads and sales fast using messaging. Guaranteed to give you an ‘unfair advantage’ over the competition! Make it easier to buy from your business. Make it faster to buy from your business. Make it exciting to buy from your business. Conversational marketing helps YOU start giving your ‘ideal people’ the personalized experience that they’re now expecting from business & brands. Plus we’ll help you quickly 2X+ your current online conversions & add more revenue to you bottom line fast! That’s what it’s all about, Right?! We do this specifically by inserting digital assets on your business site & all your social media platforms. Ask for a demo and how we can help you today!
( See: )

Messenger Webinar Reminder Package ($1,200.00)
If you are like most savvy businesss owners you’re probably running online
events/webinars/Masterclasses etc… Right? Did you know that email reminders on average nets 15% show ups. (Sound familiar?) And did you know that Messenger reminders’ on average nets 37+% showing up! Looking for a simple way to increase your ‘show ups’ & sales? We will create & deploy a totally ‘done for you’ (DFY) ‘Webinar Reminder’ automated solution package that you can immediately insert into your current marketing program. (We will continue working along side of you to ‘fine tune’ as necessary.) Who This Is For: You’re the type of business owner who appreciates the value of your time. You seek solutions & hire talent to deliver because ‘time is money’! We will help you stop the pain your currently experiencing with low ‘show ups’ to your webinars. If this sounds like you hit us up, we’ll chat & get you set up ASAP. For full details contact us today! ( See: )

Contest & Giveaway Package ($1,800.00)
Our contest & giveaway package is designed to give your ‘ideal people’ a rich, exciting & rewarding experience as they share, interact & engage from your business & brand. Plus you’ll discover how to quickly 2X+ your current online conversions & add more revenue to you bottom line fast by using contests & giveaways! We can help you create & deploy your first contest/giveaway so you can achieve exceptional results fast! Ask us how today!

‘Claim & Verify Your Business Listing on Google’ Package ($349.00)
This includes ‘Claiming & Verifying’ your business listing on Google. Immediately confirming & delivering ownership to you. Analysing & recommending specific ‘keywords/phrases’ necessary to dominate the local search results for your business, products & services. Building out your business listing with your (owner) approved Q&As, Customer Reviews, Images/Photos, Videos, Posts, Directory Listings, Services & ‘Welcome Offer’. Analytics & review to show increased search rankings. All delivered in 7 days!

‘My Google Business Listing Monthly Monitoring, Maintanance, Updates & Reporting’ Package ($349.00/mo.)
Getting your business listing on Google ‘owned & verified & optimized is a great start, but it doesn’t stop there! Ongoing maintanence is necessary to dominate the local search results for your business, products & services. You need to actively maintain your listing & make sure all your online assets are fresh & current & generating activity, leads & sales. Yes, you can do it yourself but why not partner with experienced professionals instead. That’s where we come in! We are a proactive service that provides continual & ongoing updating with owner approved Q&As, Customer Reviews, Images/Photos, Videos, Posts, Directory Listings, & Services. We make sure all your online assets are fresh & current & generating activity, leads & sales & provide the analytics reports & reviews to prove our strategys are on point with ongoing increased search rankings.

Special – Your Business ‘Welcome Offer’ Package ($300.00)
We will create & deploy your full ‘Welcome Offer’ to generate more ‘phone in’ & ‘walk in’ traffic to your business. We will also include a ‘BONUS Offer’ to ensure even higher engagement, ‘Followers’ on Google Maps, leads & sales! You are guaranteed to see results almost immediately!

Google Reviews Generation package ($300.00)
Looking for a quick win for your business today? The more Google reviews you get the more you jump up in Google rankings. The higher the rankings… Well, what would an extra 50 phone calls, or 40 more walk-ins or 1000 more website visitors a week mean to your business and your bottom line? We guarantee new quality Google reviews for your listing in 72 hours. Ask us how to get started today!

Online Business Directory/Citation Management Package ($500.00)
Having a consistant NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) in the current business directories your business is listed on is critical in generating higher Google search ranking. Being in the right directories for your business category is also vital in helping you to get to the 1st page of Google. We help you build authority by adding you to the relevant listing directories for your business. Then continually monitor your listings online for accuracy & consistency and includes: Update & correct existing listings; build new, accurate citations; submit directly to each site; Track results through reports. Trained team members submit each listing manually, as opposed to using automation software. Curious to see where you currently stand? Take the FREE audit here ( ) Warning: The results may shock you! Then let’s talk!

My Business On Google Premium Package ($700.00)
Want more business? Simple. We help you & your business get found fast with Google My Business & Maps! If you’re serious about improving your Google My Business rankings to get found fast online for more leads & sales this package is taylored made especially for you. It includes: optimizing your page, adding citations, finding inconsistent citations and setting in motion multiple strategies for you to quickly rank over your competition fast! Call us today to start seeing great results with your GMB account!

Website Audit & SEO Package (Special Pricing Based On Needs & Services)
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SEO Website Design Packages
( See: )

SEO Website – 3 pg Package ($3,500.00)
Comes with 3 pages (home, about, contact page) & website hosting
Custom graghics for each page
SEO content optimized for each page – on page seo for keywords client wants to target
Development of each page
2 revisions
Delivered within 30 days

SEO Website – 5 pg Package ($6,500.00)
Comes with 5 pages (home, about, contact page, services) & website hosting
Custom graghics for each page
SEO content optimized for each page – on page seo for keywords client wants to target
Development of each page
4 revisions
Delivered within 30 days

E-comm Website Package ($9,500.00)
Comes with 10 pages (home, about, contact page, services, products) & website hosting
Custom graghics/product images for each page
SEO content optimized for each page – on page seo for keywords client wants to target
Development of each page
8 revisions
Delivered within 60 days

Strategy & Straight Consulting ($100.00/hr. – 2 hr. min.)
Comprehensive SEO Audit Consulting Packages (Package pricing available on request)


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