See The Power Of A Messenger Scan Code – Real Estate Open House Demo

Want to see the power of a Messenger scan code?

(Seeing this on your phone now? Start by tapping this clickable link
(Make sure to tap ‘No’ to ‘existing realtor’ question to experience the whole flow as per demo video below)

If you are viewing this on your desktop just ‘scan’ this code (above) inside your phones Messenger app.)

Watch the demo video here…

(FYI: I forgot to mention in the video that anyone who engages with your Messenger conversation automatically becomes
a ‘subscriber’ to your Messenger list. Now, you can further communicate with them sharing relevent information & offers via automatic lead nurturing ‘drip’ campaigns & ‘broadcasts’ – just like you currently do with your email list. Oh, and you can always invite them into your email list too! So now you are building an engaged audience on 2 platforms – your Messenger list AND your email list! How cool is that?!)

So who is this for & what’s the deal?

Anyone who wants to engage, qualify & sell right where their best prospects are….

In ‘real time’!

Real estate open houses, bus shelters, trade shows, ‘brick & mortar’ storefronts, company vehicles, bill boards, posters, flyers, business cards…

This works for any industry & business.

This is the future of marketing!

It’s immediate, it’s frictionless, it’s on a communications platform where your prospects are too!

Want to ‘clone’ yourself this year?

Start having intimate & relevant 1:1 conversations with your prospects inside Messenger! At scale!

Now, just think what you could do!

Remember: Messenger marketing = undivided attention!

Got an idea? Questions?

We’re always up for a chat!

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