Real-time Messaging for Ecommerce – 4 Training Videos

An Introduction to Real-time Messaging for Ecommerce

Messaging Is The Fastest Growing Ecommerce Channel

Ecommerce brands are generating 5% to over 10% of their online revenue from Facebook Messenger.

Are you a business owner who currently runs an online store? (Or thinking of getting started?)

If so, I’ve got great news for you today!

4 ‘explainer’ videos narrated by Octane AI founder & CEO, Matt Schlicht

Matt will teach you how to grow your business with Messenger.

Matt works with 7-figure ecommerce merchants every day, so you know you’re getting the best tips, tricks & knowledge available.

So, grab your favorite beverage & take notes along the way as you listen to Matt explain…




Click Hereto begin your ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) program to To Start Growing Your eComm Business With Octane AI
Disclaimer: The link above is Marks referral partner (affiliate) link.
Feel free to see if Octane AI is right for you and your business. If you ‘upgrade’ to a paid service at anytime I will be compensated directly from
the vendor. It won’t be enough to buy a horse… but, thanks in advance for your trust and confidence in the recommendation. I am always here and
looking forward to helping out and hearing about your success stories! Cheers! Mark Huber

If you’ve been following my content for any length of time you know that my approach to getting clients includes having a Messenger ‘intern’ that
literally does the lead qualification & selling for you. (On autopilot!)

If done correctly you have a shot at getting clients literally in your sleep.

Yes, there are allot of moving parts but just think of the additional revenue this this would add to your bottom line! Up for the challenge? Ask us how!

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