Quizzes & Calculators

Want to start a feeding frenzy around your website/blog content?

Add a calculator or quiz!

Want to increase your content conversion rates by 20X fast?

Add a calculator or quiz!

With 2 Million+ pieces of content written every day it’s getting harder and harder to attract & engage your ‘ideal people’. Right?!

Did you know that that a blog post with a quiz or a calculator embedded inside of it will bring over 20 times more conversions than a post? (Source: Outgrow)

Yes, 20 times!


Well, the reason is pretty simple. They add value by answering your prospects more pressing questions.

Think about it.

Say you’re writing an article titled “How to increase blog conversions?” and had a call to action saying “Want more conversions? Sign up here!”.

Would you even click on it?

Maybe, but I bet the conversion rate would be the average mediocre 0.5%-2%.

Now imagine if the call to action was “Calculate how many more leads your blog can generate by using our tool” along with the actual calculator embedded in the blog.

Now, its a different story!

Now, you’ve made the entire discussion about the reader. We have engaged them in a personalized way.

And the statistics of this?

Over 30-35% of the readers will click on the calculator and 20-25% will share it in their email. (Source: Outgrow)

And the engagement metrics? (Just FYI, readers spend 30 seconds more on a website/blog if there is a calculator embedded inside of it). (Source:

Those are numbers I can live with all day long. You too?

All in all…

Driving engagement with calculators & quizzes is easy if you can create something awesome.

In case you’re not sure how to start using these types of ‘interactive media’ for better website/blog conversion optimization…

Keep reading!

FACT: 98% of your site visitors leave without doing anything!

Is this really what you want?

Is that something that as a savvy business owner you can afford?

According to Time magazine, the average person loses concentration after 8 seconds!

That’s why you need to hook your website visitors in eight seconds or less!

Now, you have a collection of products & services that are priced to sell on your website/online store, think about how you want to recommend products to each visitor who lands on your website.

So, with less than 8 seconds to engage your new onsite visitor & encourage them to shop & buy from you. What do you offer?

1. A static ‘home’ page

2. A piece of blog content

3. General information on your products & services

4. A quiz

5. An ‘explainer’ Video

6. A ‘pop up – with offer or discount

7. A ‘sign up’ to newsletter offer

Which of these actually have the greatest liklihood of getting you a conversion, a new lead & sale?

Well, that depends…

But generally speaking, believe it or not, one of the best ways to get immediate engagement & an onsite conversion is with a quiz!

In fact, personality quizzes are a great way to empower and educate your online store visitors who are interested in your products & services but want to learn more about it before they become a customer.

Only makes sense – Right?!

When customers are in the “awareness” or “interest” stage of the customer journey, they’ll be perfectly primed to take your quiz!

This is nicely illustrated in the customer journey graphic here.

Your quiz is helpful in the awareness and interest stage


Want to see more?

Check out

How To Sell More (fill-in-the-blank) Using A Quiz

Getting quality leads & conversions is tough.

Good thing we have a fix for that.

It’s a proven fact that ‘interactive content’ (quizzes, calculators, assessments, etc.) converts buyers 70% of the time compared to just 36% for passive content.

Even a poorly executed piece of interactive content has a higher engagement rate than a good piece of conventional content.

So now, what are you going to focus on?

How about something that will give your visitors a reason to raise their hands & engage with you!

Interactive content!

Content that requires your visitor to actively engage & participate — more than simply reading or watching & in return for that engagement, they get real-time, hyper-relevant results they care about.

FACT: Expect to see an average 30+% boost in conversions!

4 Simple Ways To Quickly Improve Your Sites Homepage Conversions Using Quizzes & Calculators

Hello & Welcome!

Traffic and engagement define the success of your marketing efforts.

But conversions define the success of your business!

According to a recent research report only 22% businesses are satisfied with their conversion rate.

Are you one of the 22%?

If not, read on!

So, how do you change this for your business?

How do you make sure your visitors convert into customers?

Enter our hero: ‘Interactive Content’!

Interactive content experiences like quizzes & calculators are great for engaging prospects and generating leads.

Interactive content like quizzzes & calculators can help increase website conversions and increase sales by often over 30%+ when compared to passive (text based) content.

How cool is that!

But specifically – why a quiz/calculator?

It’s been proven time & time again that these 2 types of ‘interactive content’ get the best results in the shortest amount of time with the smallest investment.

Quizzes/calculators are a great way to start your audience interacting with you and your brand.

If they are willing to take your quiz/calculator out for a ‘test run’, they are more likely to take another action. (called a ‘micro commitment’)

What’s in motion tends to stay in motion.

This means that now your visitor is more likely to opt-in or subscribe to your offer once you have peaked their interest.

The best part: quizzes/calculators are good for more than just list building!

Now, let’s talk specifically about quizzes

Here are a few other ways creating a quiz can help you amplify your message and your bottom line…

Quizzes can:

* Help you to sell more products or services and get people into your funnel.

* Increase your social media viralocity and overall brand awareness.

* Convey your expertise on a particular topic.

* Help you pre-qualify potential leads and understand how you can best serve your audience (based on the quiz results).

* Serve as a powerful form of interactive content, which converts and engages a zillion times better than traditional content.

* Improve SEO because they have a low bounce rate and high average time spent on your website page. (this one’s pretty huge!)

And that’s just the beginning…

Still wondering how you can use interactive content like quizzes & calculators on your website?

Do you think that quiz funnels seem frivolous and only work if you’re selling B2C, information products or online courses?

Have you ever wondered…

Can you use a quiz to sell B2B?

Can you use a quiz to sell a subscription service?

Can you use a quiz to sell a physical product?

Looking for answers to see if adding a quiz into your current business is worth it?

Check this out…

Ryan Levesque interview Andy Mackensen (CEO of SnackNation on why he added a quiz & results)

It’s pure gold with real world statistics that are sure to ‘shock & awe’ you!

Click Here to watch the video ‘live stream’

Pretty compelling stuff – Right?!

Now, just think what you could do!

Up for a challenge & quick win for your business?

Need to breathe some new life into your ecomm/online business?

Looking for a new way to generate onsite traffic into qualified leads & sales faster?

A new way that could become your new ‘unfair advantage’ over the competition?

Ever thought of creating a recommendation quiz?


Because ‘helping is the new selling!’

And a good quiz does that.

And because recommendation quizzes just flat out work!

In fact, we’ve created a full ‘step by step’ tutorial right here on our site

But don’t take our word for it…

Why not create one today and see for yourself!

Got a free hour?

Click Here to discover: ‘How To Create An Ecomm Recommendation Quiz That Sells Like A Pro’ (in 1 hr. or less)

We guarantee that by following our ‘how to’ training you too will have a new digital asset on your website ( in less than 1 hr.) generating new leads & sales in such a way as to become your new ‘unfair advantage’ over the competition! (Yes, this even works for affiliate products & services too!)

Still looking for more quick wins for your business today? 

We’ve got 4 more here for you!

Here are:

4 quick ways you can use interactive content on your website homepage to get more leads and increase your return on investment (ROI).

#1 As your Main ‘call to action’ (CTA)

Did you know that personalized ‘call to actions’ (CTAs) convert 42% more visitors into leads?


Because a primary CTA tells your visitors that you intend to solve their problems and add value to them, and not just sell.

And nothing spells personalization better than an interactive experience like a quiz or calculator.

Which not only improves your brand value but also gets you high conversions!

# 2 As Secondary Call to Action

The secondary call to action acts like your backup plan.

It’s a way of keeping your prospects engaged until they are ready to convert to the next stage.

So, how can you use a calculator or quiz as a secondary CTA?

As an example, say you have a software product and your primary call to action on your homepage asks your users to take a demo of your product.

From your visitors perspective they may first want to know a little more about what product is & the concept behind it before they actually use it.

In that case, having a quiz or calculator as a secondary CTA avoids early drop offs, and helps your visitors move ahead in the funnel.

For the example, you could create a comparison calculator – ‘How the product stands vs. competitors’, an industry related quiz – ‘Do you actually know ‘Y’ well?’ would do nicely too as secondary CTA.

#3 In the Hello Bar

You probably know about the value of a ‘hello bar’ & may even be using one on your site.

This bar welcomes your users and can be used to display an offer or to make an announcement.

But what if you could use this part of your page for something better?

Say generating more leads or getting more conversions?!

Eye tracking studies reveal that when users land on your site, their eye path starts from the upper left corner, and that is exactly where your Hello Bar sits.

So it makes complete sense to embed a business-relevant calculator or quiz in it!

Use this opportunity to educate your users about your product/services (think a knowledge or graded quiz) or help them make purchase decisions (think cost, savings, and ROI calculators).

#4 As an Exit Intent ‘Pop Up’

This is your last attempt at converting visitors before they leave your website.

Did you know that you can gain 10-15% of lost visitors just by adding an exit intent pop up to your website?

And if you add a calculator or quiz to this popup, the engagement goes to the next level.

It engages your visitors in an experience that educates rather than sells and so, positively impacts their purchase decision.

So now, are you getting excited about the possibilities for you and your business too?

Looking for ‘game changer’ results fast for your business?

Start creating digital assets that will stop your ‘ideal client’, engage them & create a user experience that they’ll love so much that they ultimately become your customers!

To help you get started we’ve included a helpful ‘how to’ video training here!

Want more?

Got a free hour?

Click Here to discover: ‘How To Create An Ecomm Recommendation Quiz That Sells Like A Pro’ (in 1 hr. or less)

We guarantee that by following our ‘how to’ training you too will have a new digital asset on your website ( in less than 1 hr.) generating new leads & sales in such a way as to become your new ‘unfair advantage’ over the competition! (Yes, this even works for affiliate products & services too!)

We hope that the time you’ve spent here with us has been valuable to you and the insights & ideas we’ve shared will act as the catelyst for you to begin creating & inserting these kinds of digital assets into your online business and that they will generate results you never thought possible – making you the envy of the competition!

Now, go get ’em tiger!


Mark Huber

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