Quiz Interview

Do you think that survey/quiz funnels are frivolous and only work if you’re selling B2C, information products or online courses?

Have you ever wondered…

Can you use a quiz to sell B2B?

Can you use a quiz to sell a subscription service?

Can you use a quiz to sell a physical product?

Looking for answers to see if adding a quiz into your current business is worth it?

You’re in the right place!

Check out this ‘live’ interview for the answers and statistics that are bound to ‘shock & awe’ you!

Ryan Levesque Interviews Andy Mackensen – ‘Live’

Video Highlights

Andy Mackensen from SnackNation talks about how a quiz sells their physical products as a subscription service in his B2B space.

Snack Nation is #24 on the INC 500 list of the fastest growing companies in the nation, with $24 MILLION dollars in sales (and growing).

Andy was skeptical about putting a quiz on his homepage, but he couldn’t let the idea go…

So they tested it out…

And the RESULTS?

Better on ALL the metrics…

* The quiz sped up the sales cycle from 11 days to 8 days…

* Doubled the NUMBER of qualified leads from the SAME amount of traffic…

* TRIPLED monthly recurring revenue…

* And drove DOWN cost per lead.

TRIPLE the money and LESS time to close the deal?

I’ll take that ALL day EVERY day!

Now, just think what you could do!

And after listening we’re pretty sure you’ll want to test out a survey/quiz for yourself too!

Now, if you were paying close attention, you would have seen that SnackNation used Typeform to create and host their successful survey/quiz.

We love Typeform too!

To help you get going fast here’s the link to Typeform’s official website.  We highly recommend & use them regularly.


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