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Mark Huber
“The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is To Create It”

(My Story)

Hi there!

Mark Huber here in Vancouver Canada and here’s my story…

My many successful years in the highly competitive financial services industry has been due in large part to the Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing skills I acquired over years of study (‘000’s of dollars spent on courses, coaching and mentoring) and implementation.

This marketing knowledge made me uniquely qualified for success both in the financial services industry as well as the marketing and advertising industry…

Because no matter the industry, product or service offered – it all comes down to creating and promoting an effective and action based message.
This formula makes for increased visibility, awareness and sales…

Now, my #1 passion is (and always has been) helping people to accomplish their personal and financial goals.

But one of my long time frustrations as a financial planner was that I felt I was only addressing one part of my clients “formula for success”…

While advising on their investments, insurance, estate and financial needs and financial plans was important and rewarding enough – I often felt limited and “impotent” because of a families lack of financial resources to really make more of a meaningful impact on their life as collectively they planned and saved for their futures and personal and financial goals in life…

The bottom line was that I had no way of showing them how bring more money into their lives!

Until now that is!

I’ve long recognized that my role is not only to partner with individuals to assist them in creating prosperity and financial peace of mind for themselves and for their family but also to work proactively to bring the most innovative planning tools, strategies, ideas, products and people to the attention of my clients on an ongoing basis.

(I still have a team of experts that I am in constant contact with for my financial planning clients however, I am now fully transitioned
into the online marketing and advertising realm where I advise other advisors in the financial planning community and of course entrepreneurs and individuals (perhaps just like you) in the online world).

And while I still can’t give individuals or families a salary increase I CAN show how to get “online” and to make money with the ideas they have and the tools and resources available.

This is a very enriching and rewarding experience!

I am now really and truly making a real and meaningful impact on a global basis and in the lives of many today!

Furthermore, I subscribe to the ideal that when we discover something of great value it is our obligation and pleasure to share it with others….

That’s why I am writing this to you today.

My mission is to teach, support and empower people on how to effectively transform themselves (& their business) into the lifestyle of their dreams!

I know you can create incredible things in this world through your gifts, solutions, products and services.

If you’re up for putting in the work I am always open to a chat to find out what’s on your mind and how I may be of service.

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Mark Huber