Messenger Marketing Are You An Early Adopter Or Late Bloomer

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My name is Mark Huber, coming to you from beautiful Vancouver, Canada where we help business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and individuals (perhaps just like you) generate more revenue fast from your current online activities and relationships by uasing the power of Messenger marketing.

So here’s today’s question: Are you an early adopter or a late bloomer when it comes to technology and trends or even business in general?

And the reason I ask is that depending on how you answer has far reaching implications to you, the health and success of your business and ultimately to your bottom line.

For the past 2 years I’ve been immersed in educating myself (and others) about the ground breaking marketing opportunities that exist through simple Messenger messaging and incorporating them into lead generation funnels.

I LOVE being on the cutting edge of things. Perhaps you do as well.

There are so many advantages to being first to market and so much profit to be made when you are. Right?

Yet the question remains. As an early adopter can using messaging inside lead generation funnels really drive business goals?

Are you’re curious about Messenger messaging and how they can impact your business?

Would you like less friction in your existing lead generation programs?

More leads? Increased intimacy with those leads?

The ability to turn them into sales faster?

Higher ROI with less ad spend?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these…

Watch my short demo video here as I walk you through one of my simple Messenger lead gen funnels…

A Simple Messenger Lead Generation Funnel

Additionally, you can enjoy the rich user experience ‘live’ for yourself – right here – NOW!

I’ve put together a short sequence to help you get an immediate feel and appreciation for what Messenger can do and how it can give you and your business an ‘unfair advantage’ over your competition.

There are 2 basic ways to do this…

1. You can offer an automated Messenger convo using a Messeger code (like the one below)

Did you know that a Messenger code like this (see below) can open an automated convo with your ideal prospects & clients? In Real Time!?



Online & Offline.

On your business car/van.

In your storefront window.

On your realtior listing signs.

Letter head/Brochures/Business Cards


Well, you get the picture… Right?!

Now, if you are viewing this on your desktop right now…

Grab your smart phone.

To start:  Open Messenger on your phone. Click the ‘people’ icon’ Then click the ‘scan now’ icon and position the Messengerr code image in the centre of your ‘circular’ screen. (Note: These steps are for Android phones. It’s slightly different for the iPhone…) Hold still and Messenger will automatically capture the code & open up the conversation! How cool is that! Absolutely ‘frictionless’!









2. You can offer your ‘ideal prospects & clients the same experience with a sharable & ‘clickable’ link.

Like this:

👍 See how Messenger may be right for your business by clicking here 👉 (will open instantly in your Messenger app) (Note: This a ‘sharable’ link that you can ‘copy & paste’ to start the convo anywhere you want. All your social media & email too!) How cool is that? …

So why the fuss you ask?

Well, if you’ve just gone through this convo it should have made things pretty obvious!

And because I want to bring about awareness of a new kind of marketing tool and methodology that is here and now and will become the ‘norm’ in the future. That is specifically incorporating and proactively utilizing Messenger messaging and automated conversations in marketing.

See how easy it was to begin engagement and delivery?  How different it is (in a good way) from email?

But first, let’s step back in time for a moment…

Remember when email first showed up in our ‘in boxes’?

Remember people saying that it was just a fad and why in heavens name would people ever use email when they could just as easily pick up the telephone and call someone…

However, if you were like me (and others) it was a magical experience. Those were the ‘golden days’ of email marketing.

A new era of communications and a way of communicating had just opened up.

Experiencing 70% open rates and 30% click through rates was common place ‘back in the day’ and many careers and fortunes were build on and around email marketing.

Well friends, time marches on and things change. Technology evolves as do peoples tastes and attention spans (or should I say lack thereof)

We are in the ‘early adoption’ phase with ‘bots’. Think email 20 years ago.

Now, we are on the threshold of a new era. Let’s leave the news headlines and ’artificial intelligence’ sensationalism out of this discussion because it’s all conjecture at best and let’s focus on what we know at this moment in time.

Let’s talk about business and the business of marketing. Let’s talk about the customer and the process and cost that is involved to get one and the time and effort to keep them happy, satisfied and repeat buyers….

Right now marketers are getting anywhere from 55%-85% response rates with Messenger Marketing (with 100% delivery). Are your current email campaigns delivering even close to that?

Here’s a ‘screen shot of a tiny 12 hour test I did recently

What would that mean for your business?

What if you could seamlessly stitch the use of a free messaging tool operated by the world largest social platform into your existing lead generation program to give you those kind of numbers? Interested?

So I’ll ask again: Early Adopter or Late Bloomer?

Now, maybe you’ve got questions. Who doesn’t? Allot of this stuff is cutting edge and change is occurring swiftly too.

So then, here are the top 5 most common questions I am asked about Messenger messaging and chat bots in marketing.

Q: What is a chat bot anyhow?

A: A chat bot is simply a piece of text messaging software inside of an application. They’re built to work inside messaging platforms like: Slack, Kik and Facebook Messenger and allows you to communicate seamlessly and instantaneously with customers, leads and fans alike.

Q: I don’t use Facebook or messaging personally, so how can this really work?

A: That’s okay because other people DO use it. The Facebook Messenger app has more than 1.2 billion monthly active users so you’ll be reaching a huge market. And think about it like this… Remember what we just said about email? When email was a new thing? Now pretty much everyone uses email on a daily basis and the companies that jumped into it quickly thought it may have seemed crazy at first, but they were able to lock in subscribers fast and scale from there.

Q: Why does Facebook want businesses to use chat bots?

A: So here’s the deal. Facebook is actively trying to get businesses to use chat bots because it keeps people engaged and on the Facebook platform. This means they WANT Messenger Bots to catch on and are doing everything in their power to make this a reality. This is no fad, this is actually CRITICAL to Facebook’s business and growth plans. The cost of placing ads on Facebook has jumped dramatically in recent years. In fact, in the summer of 2016 Facebook announced that they are running out of ad space on their main platforms and need a new place to serve ads, which they will eventually do with Messenger.

In fact, breaking news today (3 June, 2017) Facebook has announced that they have rolled out Messenger ads into Instagram; which by the way they own and control. This is huge!

We’re focused on reaching customers inside Facebook Messenger because Facebook is encouraging this. They want the Messenger app to replace email. Already 1.2 billion people use it every month. Now they’re encouraging companies to reach people via Messenger to increase the app’s lock in.

Did you know that you can now send and receive money with PayPal and Stripe via Messenger? How cool is that?

Again, this just underscores the direction that Facebook is going and the commitment they have to make it happen!

Q: Do chat bots annoy customers or do customers like them?

A:  Actually, we’re finding out that customers actually PREFER these messages over email in huge numbers, but only if they are written right.

‘Typical’ email click throughs: +/-20% vs. ‘Typical’ chat bot click throughs: +/-60% (that’s huge for clicks)!

For one thing, the messages are shorter (it’s ‘messaging’ after all!) and easier to read than email. Also, it’s a lot more interactive and fun, since you can add buttons, gifs, and more to the user experience.

It’s instant. I mean when does your phone ping and you never wonder who’s messaged you! We all are curious and we all check it out immediately! Right? And finally, just like email readers can unsubscribe anytime.

As long as you remember to create your communications with ‘best practices’ in mind so you can avoid feeling spammy and intrusive you’ll be fine.

But now here’s the rub. As you’re reading this you might still have the wrong idea about messaging and chat bots.

When it comes to chat bots allot of individuals only equate them with customer service or ordering platforms. You know, like the phone companies and large institutions where we are served up a menu of prompts that we either have to voice or manually direct.

That is one way to use chat bots and to use them effectively and efficiently.

But no, that’s not what we’re referring to here.

Instead, we’re talking about Messenger marketing funnels using chat bots.

There’s a big difference

What we are referring to is the ability to actively attract leads and create relationships.

And if this process feels familiar, it should, because it’s a lot like email marketing… In fact, it’s email marketing on steroids.

With a well designed running messenger marketing program you have the benefits of providing personalized service, you have the attention of your audience, you get active engagement and participation and the ability to reach a wide audience – all rolled into one!

Again, if your messenger marketing is well thought out and ‘on point’ you can easily make the client service experience and onboarding incredible by actively driving engagement giving you the opportunity to gather feedback and in making any notifications remarkable and not bothersome. The opportunities are as endless as they are incredible limited only by your imagination and purpose.

Messaging marketing and chat bots at the moment are seen as a huge trend (and they are) and one will only continue to grow. Why?

Because the smart business owners recognize the fact that it’s simply another tool that when used smartly and intelligently will reduce friction to facilitate and improve the interactions between you, your leads and customers and your products and services.

Less friction. Smoother sailing. Happier and more engaged customers. Bigger bottom line! Boom!

So… to summarize…

Think of it this way…

When asked what chatbots are I usually say that they are lead generation, customer service and sales automation tools (and more) all rolled into one.

And while most business owners would like to be ‘hands on’ and control every aspect of their business they just can’t because of lack of time, resources and/or money. (Imagine their surprise and delight when they learn that they can build a simple Messenger chatbot in less than an hour and for FREE!)

Chatbots solve the ‘lack of time, resources and money’ issues head on – and more!

Chatbots can:

follow instructions,

be a self starter,

be a brand Ambassador,

be relevant & engaging,

appropriately respond to all FAQs,

have the ability to generate new leads,

have the ability to nurture prospects through the sales pipeline,

able to promote special events, presentations, trainings & webinars

follow up on sales opportunities generated from special events,

be a good ‘closer’ and initiate ‘upsells’,

take orders,

accept payments,

deliver ‘the goods’,

deliver all messages 100% of the time,

and carry out all other miscelaneous duties deemed necessary by the business.

Even the very best employee can’t do all of this!

Oh, and they will never

call in sick,

will never take holidays,

will happily work 24/7 and (I saved the best to last)

work as hard as any intern (for free) and will never ask for a raise!

When done right, using Messenger messaging and chat bots in your business will exponentially increase your potential for more engagement, more qualified leads, more business and bigger profits – faster (and mostly on autopilot!).

Sound good?

If so, let’s talk about how to use Messenger messaging in your business as a real time engagement & sales automation tool.

So you start enjoying the all the reasons you started your business in the first place.

Can’t think of anything better than that – can you?

The future of lead generation is here and it’s waiting for YOU!

Thanks for reading.

Now, go get ‘em tiger!


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