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Because only 2% of business owners and/or businesses will actually start using this NEW way to generate qualified leads that turn conversations into conversions & sales fast!

Will you beat the odds?

Are you in an industry that relys heavely on traditional static ‘forms’ to generate leads & sales?

Are you a business owner that’s finding that your ‘landing page’ is not converting like it was?

What’s your current ‘completion rate’?

In other words, for the amount of traffic that comes to your form or ‘landing page’ how many times is it being filled out or completed?

More importantly…  How many sales does it generate for you?

Be honest.  It probably sucks!  Right?!

Well today’s your lucky day because all that is about to change for you!

Now, sit back and discover why…

Conversational Landing Pages Are My Newfound ‘Hack’ To Creating Landing Pages That Convert Fast!

Step 1: Watch this video so see how conversational landing pages are redefining the lead gen & sales funnel.

This works for all industrys and businesses!

This is especially true for businesses that have traditionally relied on some type of forms to be completed before ‘next steps’ in the sales/service funnel.

For example:  Lead generation for mortgage brokers is extremely difficult. Right!

Between the intense competition for user mind space, high friction in the application process, and the complexity of the product being sold, mortgage professionals & companies alike spend tens of millions of dollars on platforms like Google and Facebook just to get in front of their prospective customers.

As a mortgage broker (or any type of ‘service provider’), if you want to generate better qualified leads and sell more of your products & services, you have to create a sales funnel that creates a seamless experience for your prospects. Right?

Pay very close attention here.

Do you currently use static forms to gather information?

If so, they’re probably the first thing someone sees on your website or at the end of a PPC (‘pay per click’) marketing campaign. Am I right?

And what’s the completion rate you’re currrently experiencing? Probably pretty dismal Right?

And they probably look similar to this here… Right?
















Long boring forms that no one wants to take the time to complete.

And let’s be honest – not even YOU would want to complete them. (lol)

Now, here’s the big ‘reveal’!

It’s called ‘conversational marketing’! It’s revolutionary! It’s exciting! And it works!

How about creating your ‘form’ inside a ‘chat’ platform?

You see, asking for information through a ‘chat’ interface is very different than asking for it through a form.

Forms are ‘one-way interactions’ that a prospect completes on their own and all in one go.

On the other hand a ‘chat’ is a simple conversation. It’s a two-way, back-and-forth interaction between two parties (the prospect and YOUR digital assistant)!

This type of interaction results in a much higher conversion & completion rate because it happens immediately & in ‘real time’!

1) prospects aren’t confronted with a wall of form fields immediately and

2) because prospects appreciate the intangible value of having a personal interaction over an impersonal form.

3) where you’re actually notified and can jump into the convo shortly after it’s ended.  How cool is that!

Watch: How To Generate Leads & Sales Faster Using Conversational Marketing & Interactive Media (Chatbots – Your Virtual Digital Assistants!)

Can you start seeing the immediate benefits to both you & your ‘ideal people’?

Step 2:  Click here to take our mortgage demo for a ‘real time’ test drive now!

See how the smoother & more relevant the funnel – the faster the sales opportunity!

By using messaging apps you get to take YOUR prospective customers from consideration to decision more quickly inside a ‘frictionless environment’.

Today it’s all about selling in a way that’s instant & simple, adding value & giving full control to the consumer.

This will be a game changer for you!

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