How To Use (Growth Hack) Medium To Create Expert Status

Are you on Medium? Ever hear of it? Well, if not I’ve got good news for you.

Medium is a free online social platform that is used by millions to record their thoughts and views – just like a journal. (Medium is considered an ‘authority’ platform kind of like LinkedIn but not as ‘stuffy’ – sorry LinkedIn!)

In fact, it’s a wonderful place to begin your online writing journey towards being seen as an ‘expert’ (if that’s important to you)

My best tip is to just start writing on things that appeal to you, what you’re good at or just what’s going on in your work and life.

This is where the ability to create expert status in your chosen niche or passion with your writings can come into play.


Well because you will probably catch the eye of others who like what you’re up to and will begin following you.

As your ‘tribe’ and writing confidence increases so too does your ‘reach’!

As your ‘reach’ extends you get more followers which can lead to opportunities and JVs (joint ventures) and income possibilities you never thought possible.

So, thanks for reading now stop and begin writing on medium today!

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