How To Sell More Using A Quiz

How To Sell More (fill-in-the-blank) Using A Quiz


It’s no big surprise that online shopping has become the new normal for many consumers. With eCommerce sales rising above $517 billion dollars in 2018, online shopping continues to grow as a welcomed alternative to local brick-and-mortar stores.

Online shopping is now a $517 billion dollar industry

Online shopping is fast, convenient and can be done with the click of a mouse without even leaving the comfort of the house!

Since so many physical products are now sold, shipped, and delivered through online retailers, how do you create the best shopping experience possible with your eCommerce store so that you can beat out the competition?

First, understand who your customers are and make sure to define the customer purchasing journey that takes your visitors from browsing through your products to ultimately ending on your ‘check out’ page – ready to buy.

Since your customers can’t visit a physical location, you’ll want to focus on creating a digital storefront with a website that is easy to navigate.

Visitors should be able to easily find what they need and purchase your products without needing to ask any questions. This all comes down to your website’s user experience.

Now, since you have a collection of products & services that are priced to sell, think about how you want to recommend products to each visitor who lands on your website.

You have less than 8 seconds to engage your new onsite visitor & encourage them to shop & buy from you. What do you offer?

1. A static ‘home’ page

2. A piece of blog content

3. General information on your products & services

4. A quiz

5. An ‘explainer’ Video

6. A ‘pop up – with offer or discount

7. A ‘sign up’ to newsletter offer

Which of these actually have the greatest liklihood of getting you a conversion, a new lead & sale?

While that depends…

But generally speaking, believe it or not, one of the best ways to get immediate engagement & an onsite conversion is with a quiz!

Use a personality quiz to sell more shop products
Personality quizzes are a great way to empower and educate your online store visitors who are interested in your products & services but want to learn more about it before they become a customer.

Only makes sense – Right?!

When customers are in the “awareness” or “interest” stage of the customer journey, they’ll be perfectly primed to take your quiz. This is nicely illustrated in the customer journey graphic below.

Your quiz is helpful in the awareness and interest stage


Primally Pure, a non-toxic skincare and wellness brand, created a quiz to help their potential customers quickly determine which deodorant is their best fit. Since they can’t hold, smell, and test out the products in stores, this quiz helps them feel more confident in their online purchase before it comes to their doorstep.

Primally Pure uses a quiz to help customers feel more confident shopping for their products


With a custom quiz design and stunning quiz result landing pages (like this one), they’re able to brand the entire quiz experience while recommending a product that’s available in their eCommerce shop.

When someone receives their quiz results, they’ll find a list of reasons why Primally Pure’s deodorants are different from other products on the market and a list of testimonials from past customers who express their love for the product the brand is recommending.

There are several call-to-action buttons on the quiz result landing page, all leading to the shop page where they can buy the recommended product. It almost feels like you have a personal shopper in your back pocket when you read through their quiz results!


For another eCommerce brand example, uses a quiz not only to help you find your next pair of jeans but also figure out what your body shape is. adds extra value by evaluating what body shape each quiz taker is


Each of the body type personality descriptions are written in a positive way so every customer feels comfortable in their own skin. Then quiz takers have a chance to shop for jeans based on their body shape.

When the call-to-action button is clicked, quiz takers are redirected to a shop page with a curated collection of denim jean styles that are perfect for their body type. This is a great way to make sure customers are happy with their purchase before they even have the chance to try your product.

Another great feature is that the brand will help you find jeans from hundreds of different brands all in one place.

The quiz helps you narrow down your options while still giving you enough variety so you can find your next pair of jeans.


For something a little different, the coffee subscription box brand Bean Box uses a coffee personality quiz to segment their audience based on their coffee preferences.

Bean Box utilizes segmentation to recommend different coffee products

When someone completes the quiz, they’ll receive a coffee personality result that’s shareworthy along with a recommended list of Bean Box products they’ll love.

While they include links to buy the recommended product, they also offer a smaller sampler of their products to ensure the customer likes the taste before buying a larger quantity. This is such a great idea!

There’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to building a quiz to grow your eCommerce brand, but I’ll give you a few more ideas to make sure your quiz is unique and stands out from other online shops in your niche.

Include a special discount: Many eCommerce brands offer discount codes for first-time buyers or new email subscribers, so why not do the same through your quiz? You could even offer a special discount through the quiz that’s unlike any other offer on your website to increase the number of people who will take your quiz.

Offer a discount that surprises and delights your quiz takers


Show off your products in a digital showroom: Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, your audience won’t be able to step into a showroom or see your products on display in a physical storefront. That doesn’t mean you can’t still show them what your products look like in action. You just need to get a little creative. Try including more visual inspiration by offering your audience a peek into your digital showroom or catalog of products. They’ll be able to gain so many ideas when they look through an inspiration board based on their quiz results.

Show your customers why your products are the perfect fit for their style


Give them tips for caring for their product: If you are selling a high-end product that requires an investment, you may want to use your quiz as a way to give product preservation tips. Then your customers know how to handle their new investment with care. It also positions your eCommerce brand as a trusted expert and educator instead of a simple retailer or distributor.

Give educational tips so quiz takers know how to make the most out of their investment

Highlight influencers who use the product: If your product has been purchased by influencers or you’re planning to invest in influencer marketing, it could be a great idea to incorporate these well-known influencers into your quiz. Even if your product hasn’t been used by high-profile influencers yet, you can highlight other mini-influencers who relate to each quiz personality result. Including positive testimonials from brand advocates is always a good idea.

This fictional example shows how you can add trust by associating your product with an influencer


No matter if you are selling physical products, digital products, or services, you can build a more profitable business by utilizing these growth-based strategies.

It takes a small amount of time to get your quiz up and running, but once it’s live on your website, it’ll run on its own.


Here are the key steps you’ll take when launching your first quiz:

1. Choose a quiz topic and title.
2. Write personality descriptions based on the quiz results.
3. Create quiz questions and answers based on your personalities.
4. Set up your quiz and match your visual branding.
5. Craft a follow-up email sequence and connect it your email list.
6. Promote your quiz on your website and on social media.

The great thing is that you can complete these steps very quickly!

In fact we have training right here on the site for you!

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