How To Rank #1 On Google In 3 Easy Steps

The first step to rank #1 on Google is to qualify a keyword. This is the high value word that people will typically plug into Google when they are looking for an answer to their question. Is it difficult to rank for? What is the competition?

Once you have some keywords qualified, throw them into an excel spreadsheet and list the keywords that are most important for your business

These keywords should be in line with your domain authority so you’re not ranking for keywords outside of your realm. A good way to gauge this is by using keyword difficulty when performing the keyword research.

Find keywords that are a long tail and hyper-relevant to your business.

For example, if you’re an automotive shop, instead of trying to rank for keywords like, “auto shop Vancouver BC” try and rank for phrases such as “transmission repair shop Vancouver BC” getting more specific with your keywords will result in a higher CTR and conversion rate

Once you have identified your keywords, it is now time to create the content necessary to rank for them.

One of my favorite methods of doing so is scoping out what the competitor is actually ranking with and actually just beating them.

By doing this, you’re taking a well-educated approach of what it actually takes to rank a site.

Many times you can include a higher keyword density, longer-form content, and get more links to your page to outrank the competitor. This allows you to overdo the competitor resulting in a higher SERP ranking. If you’re working with a local website, this becomes extremely effective due to the fact of lower difficulty keywords.

Local SEO all comes down to whos website has the most power, and if yours has more links pointing to it (relevant quality links), it will result in a higher search ranking and overall more quality impressions in the Google search engine.

And that’s what it’s all about!


Yes, there are allot of moving parts to get right if you want to appear on the 1st page of a Google search for your business, products & services. But just think of the additional revenue it would add to your bottom line! Up for the challenge? Ask us how!

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