How to Generate More Qualified Leads Fast By Creating Interactive Content

As a lead generation tool there is no denying the fact that content marketing is still pretty much king.


Well because content marketing typically costs 62% less than traditional marketing techniques and generates at least 3 times as many leads.

People now-a-days have the attention span of a goldfish (about 8 seconds) before they move on.

You need to stop them, engage them and create a user experience that they’ll love so much that they ultimately become your customers.

That’s why more and more savvy business owners and marketing types strive to create content that is both engaging and also acts as a lead magnet for your business. However, the tricky part is combining both of these essential elements successfully and profitably!

So, how can you provide high-quality content in an original way and capture those valuable contact details effectively?

Following are three proven ways to capture leads by making your content more engaging: interactive content, gated visual content and direct prospect engagement.


1. Interactive Content: Calculators and Quizzes

Interactive experiences like quizzes and calculators are playing a revolutionary role when it comes to customer acquisition.


Well because quizzes and calculators ‘gamify’ the lead generation process as well as providing instant gratification and delivering personalized results. Both quizzes and calculators have an amazing sharing and virality potential, which also makes them ideal content material for your social media channels.

Today’s consumers are looking for interactive content that not only entertains but adds value and keeps them engaged.

Think about yourself online for a moment here…

What would attract you the most: a newsletter subscription form after a long blog post? Or an interactive calculator that offers you insights on the costs of your next video marketing campaign? The calculator, of course.

Now, you well might be asking yourself: “Sure Mark, interactive experiences may be appealing to me and others, but how does that bring me those leads I am looking for?

Good question. So here’s how we do it.

When someone gets to the end of your quiz or calculator, they are probably eager to see their results, right? So wouldn’t they be OK to share their name and email address in return for the answers?

Of course! (How many times have we done this with a Buzzfeed quiz that a friend shared with us or with a calculator on a site that interested us?)

Additionally, if you put together your quiz properly the answers provided by your prospects will be gold and can help you better segment and classify your acquired leads and get a better understanding of what they are all about. (These insights can help you immensely in developing other products and services your prospects/customers will buy.)

And don’t forget to nurture your leads once they have provided their contact data; a simple thank you email with their results is just the first step. You need to have an automated sequence of emails to continue the engagement, deepen the relationship and increase the ‘know, like and trust’ factors.

Over 60 percent of sales occur AFTER the first contact has been made. So don’t abandon your quiz prospects – they will be golden to you AND your bank account!

2. Gated Visual Content: Presentations and Videos

Variety in your content marketing is vital for business success and just as you expect diversity in your life and in the content you consume, so do your potential customers.

You want to share engaging content that does not consume too much of your prospect’s time and a great way to do this is with visual materials such as presentations (slideshares) and videos.

Once again, you have your prospects’ attention, but what about lead generation?

Two words: gated content.

‘Gated content’ is managed by a tool that allows you to ‘hold’ your presentation or video content from being viewed until your prospect gives up their contact information in exchange for the opportunity to access your content.

So, if they have been consuming your content so far, they are clearly interested in the ‘next step’ material and of course will be more than willing to provide an email address to continue viewing more valuable content that you’ve created.

‘Gated content’ is a great way of guiding your potential customers along their ‘buyer’s journey’ and ending with a strategic CTA (call to action) at the end of your presentation or video can generate immediate ‘first time’ buyers for you. How cool is that?

3. Direct Prospect Engagement: Webinars, Contests and Chatbots

Another great way that you can interact with your customers proactively and generate countless leads in the process is by engaging directly with them. And no, I am not talking about cold calls and emails or door to door selling.

I am referring to direct engagement as a content strategy where both you and your prospects participate jointly together from the first until the last step.

What do I mean by that?

Well, there are three main strategies that work brilliantly for direct engagement and they are: contests, webinars and chatbots.

To start with, there are tons of ways companies can stitch a good contest into their existing marketing program to increase leads and sales.

Everything from picture contests on Instagram, to prize contests for participating in surveys.

By creating an attractive contest and promoting it on your site and sharing it on your social media platforms you can be sure hundreds of leads will be providing their contact details to participate.

Webinars are another successful marketing tool and are the second most successful engagement and content delivery strategy, only behind live events.
Webinars are easy to schedule and organize and are a great platform to use to educate, entertain and sell from.

Now chatbots!

Chatbots have been around for years but now Facebook just validated the bot movement for businesses.


Facebook has given developers access to the source code for FB Messenger (FBs messaging app) and now awareness and chatbot creation has exploded in popularity. And with good reason.

By way of a backgrounder, a chatbot is nothing more than a piece of software that lets you communicate with people inside of a messaging app, like Facebook Messenger.

A good digital assistant (chatbot) is one that can be used for many things like:
Engaging your audience with a welcoming and personalized conversation
Handles your frequently asked questions (FAQs) automatically through keyword-triggered responses
Sends recurring updates or one time deals to users that asked for them
Entertains your users through quizzes, contests or games

Chatbots tell your story in an original way using the most natural interface everyone understands and uses: messaging!

The key to a successful chatbot is creativity, continued narrative and well orchestrated storytelling.

Chatbots aren’t smart (they just drive the conversation) it is you – YOU are the smart one that stays in control!

So there you have it!

Experimenting and combining different strategies will help you create experiences that will have you generating leads automatically through your content.

Just make sure your content focuses specifically on your prospects , is responsive, and not too intrusive.

The results will then speak by themselves.

Thanks for reading.

Now, go get ‘em tiger!


Mark Huber

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