How To Easily Embed FB Messenger Messaging Into Your Website In Less Than 1 Hr. (No Coding Necessary) Video

Here’s your chance to get to see a new technology that is transforming how business is being done online… Right Now!

This short video will show you how to leverage Facebook Messenger…On YOUR website! Today!

The future is here and it’s waiting for you!

Consumer expectations for their online searchs and shopping experiences have never been higher.

Consumers now expect relevant, personalized content and offers that cater to their needs in any given moment.

As business owners, entrepreneurs and savvy individuals it is challenging to provide prospects and customers with the right message, on the right screen, at the right time…

Blanket approaches just don’t cut it anymore.

Fact: Five minutes is the ideal timeframe for responding to a lead.

After five minutes there’s a 10X drop in the odds of even getting in touch with them at all!

Respond in 10 minutes instead of five? Prepare for a 400 percent decrease in odds of qualifying the lead.

Can you afford to wait?

Well, the future of sales and marketing is here and it’s waiting for you…(lucky you!)

Did you know that the potential to scale personalization exists today?

Aside from “human” conversation that delivers timely content, satisfies needs, qualifies leads, and converts…

Messenger messaging (chatbots) cater for the growing expectation of immediacy.

And they can do it more efficiently than any human (with the right setup and “training”).

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Resources mentioned in the video

Facebook introduces a Messenger plugin for business websites


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