How To Create Your First Welcome Offer For Your Business Listing On Google

How To Create Your First Welcome Offer For Your Business Listing On Google

Did you know that your business listing on Google is your ‘new’ home page?

How’s that you ask?

Have you noticed that people aren’t using Google the way they used to.

They’re not searching the same way they used to, and they’re not browsing websites like they used to.

Google is showing more information on search results pages than ever before.

Customers simply don’t browse websites anymore – most comparison is done on the actual search results page.

There’s so much information in your ‘Google My Business’ listing now (especially if it’s correctly ‘optimized’) that there’s often no reason
for searchers to click through to your site at all.

It starts by effectively using all the options that are ‘built in’ to your business listing on Google?

Here’s a short list of what’s available

1. Your ‘claimed & verified’ listing appears 1st in search results (yes, above your website!)

2. Unlimited image uploads (businesses showing more images get 37% more clicks, calls & direction requests!)

3. Unlimited video uploads (video 30-60 sec. spots ie: what you do. how you do it. why you do it.)

4. Post business news & events; discounts & coupons with ‘call to action’ buttons too!

5. FAQ feature – Inform your prospects. Create & answer top questions asked of your business, products & services

6. Product & pricing section

7. Services & pricing section

8. Create ‘Welcome Offers’

9. Get ‘Followers’ in Maps

10. Collect reviews. More reviews than average generate 54% more revenue!

11. 10 templates for your FREE Google ‘business site’
Example: SuccessOnTheFly Marketing

Start using these options & you’ll be amazed at the results!

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