How To Create A Simple High Converting Chat Bubble For Your Site Fast

How To Create A Simple High Converting Chat Bubble For Your Site Fast

Imagine going up to someone’s front door & ringing the bell. The door opens & you’re greated by a person holding a form.

It asks allot of questions but you want answers so you unhappily fill it out & hand it back. The door slams shut. You wait for answers… And you wait… And wait…

And then you leave!

Sounds silly doesn’t it!

But this really happens online everyday by the vast majority of websites.

No matter the industry! (Image shows real estate industry stats)

Now, imagine going up to another door offering a modern day customer experience.

You ring the doorbell. The door opens.

You’re greated by a warm: “Hi there! Have a question. I’m here to help!” (And immediately offered helpful ideas to choose from)

See the difference?

Unhelpful vs. helpful

Slow to never response vs. instant response & guidance

So why don’t more sites offer this?

Do you curently offer a communication platform that your ‘ideal people’ expect & are used to engaging with?

If not, you’re definately in the right place to change all that around right now!

Hello & Welcome!

We’re so pleased that you’ve dropped by here!

We wanted to share this fast start page to help you successfully jump right in to the exciting world of conversational marketing!

Now you’ve probably heard the term: ‘conversational marketing’… Right?!

But what does it really mean?

Well, in it’s simplist form, it’s just having a conversation

As individuals, it’s pretty simple… but how do you effectively do it online & at scale? (meaning many convos at once)

Enter our hero! A ‘digital assistant’ or ‘chatbot’ – which is really a simple piece of software that can be used to create and duplicate the real life ‘customer journey’ – just as you want!

And who knows, maybe you already experienced one of ours and that’s how you got here!

And so, here’s how you do it!

Start generating more online bookings & appointments with a ‘chat bubble’!

We’re so very proud for our piano teacher’s recent success!

She lives in an urban centre that has over 200 other piano teachers all vying for students in a population of approx. 300,000.

The competition is keen but she stepped up to the challenge.

For over 6 months now her onsite ‘chat bubble’ has become her new ‘unfair advantage’ over the competition.

It’s simple, engaging & it converts.

She’s ‘over the moon’ happy!

If fact, this flat out works for all industrys & markets!

Want more visitors to convert?

More sales for your business?

Start by offering your visitors a friendly, conversational ‘modern day’ communications platform they expect & are used to engaging with.

To help you see what’s possible for you and your business we recreated her ‘chat flow’ as a demo.

As you interact with it – don’t worry – you won’t be signing up for any piano lessons! And when you use the ‘make appointment’ feature – no one will be calling you! Guaranteed!

Click Here to start our piano teacher demo

So, does this actually work?

Yes it does!

Here’s a ‘screen shot’ of this piano teachers ‘chat bubble’ interactions that generated over $7,500 of new business in 90 days for her piano studio!

Here’s what it looks like when you get emailed the instant notification when someone completes the interaction with your ‘digital assistant’!

Here’s a look at the appointment that was made through your ‘digital assistant’ too!

And this is what we really like to see!

How cool is that?

All without you having to lift a finger.

Working for you 27/7 365 days a year!

Want some of that too?

Can you see the possibilities for yourself & your business?

Of course, we also practice what we preach & create for our clients!

See our ‘chat bubble’ on our website here?

‘Tap’ it to start a convo with us here…

As you run through it just think what you could do!

Up for a challenge?

Are you a ‘do-it’yourselfer’? In a hurry?

You can start creating your very own ‘chat bubble’ today!

Discover how here…

How To Create A Simple Chat Bubble For Your Site That Will Drive Bookings, Appointments, Leads & Sales Fast!

Step 1: Watch this ‘Quick Start’ video (2min.)

Step 2: Click Here to get your account. Choose from 4 plans! It’s your call. You can start with the ‘FREE forever’ plan but if you’re serious we recommend going with the full featured ‘standard’ account. (We particularly love the ‘logical jump’ & the email collection options!)

Step 3:Get our FREE ‘Quick Start Guide To More Leads & Sales Fast Using Interactive Media
(Tap the link to download to your digital device)

Looking to up your game?

Do you currently drive traffic to a ‘traditional static landing page’ (with a form to fill)?

Want better results?  Fast?

Conversational landing pages are the new way to selling in a way that’s instant & simple, adding value & giving full control to the consumer.

This will be a game changer for your sales funnel!

Click Here to check out resources that are ideal for you

Now, we’re not going to lie to you. You can do this all by yourself. But as a savvy business owner who understands that ‘time is money’ & practices the power of leveraging your time & assets…

We have consulting ‘done for you’ & ‘done with you’ packages available to get you set up fast!

We’re always up for a (pitch free) chat! Use our convenient online calendar here to book your best time to talk with us



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