How To Create A Simple And Engaging Chat Bubble For Your Site Fast

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Now you’ve probably heard the term: ‘conversational marketing’… Right?!

But what does it really mean?

Well, in it’s simplist form, it’s just having a conversation

As individuals, it’s pretty simple… but how do you effectively do it online & at scale? (meaning many convos at once)

Enter our hero! A ‘digital assistant’ or ‘chatbot’ – which is really a simple piece of software that can be used to create and duplicate the real life ‘customer journey’ – just as you want!

And who knows, maybe you already experienced one of ours and that’s how you got here!

And so, here’s how you do it!

Start generating more online bookings & appointments with a ‘chat bubble’!

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How To Create A Simple Chat Bubble For Your Site That Will Drive Bookings, Appointments, Leads & Sales Fast!

Step 1: Watch this ‘Quick Start’ video (2min.)

Step 2: Click Here to get your account. Choose from 4 plans! It’s your call. You can start with the ‘FREE forever’ plan but if you’re serious we recommend going with the full featured ‘standard’ account. (We particularly love the ‘logical jump’ & the email collection options!)

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Looking to up your game?

Do you currently drive traffic to a ‘traditional static landing page’ (with a form to fill)?

Want better results?  Fast?

Conversational landing pages are the new way to selling in a way that’s instant & simple, adding value & giving full control to the consumer.

This will be a game changer for your sales funnel!

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Now, we’re not going to lie to you. You can do this all by yourself. But as a savvy business owner who understands that ‘time is money’ & practices the power of leveraging your time & assets…

We have consulting ‘done for you’ & ‘done with you’ packages available to get you set up fast!

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