How To Create A Messenger Bot For FREE And Without Coding [3 Training Videos]

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Mark Huber here…

So, as I was trolling the Internet recently I stumbled upon a FASCINATING thread on Facebook about Messenger bots

I started reading what people were saying about how they don’t like them because…

• They feel impersonal

• Automation doesn’t belong in Messenger

• Using “Bots” shows lack of love for your customers

The reason my jaw had to be firmly picked up off the floor is that I’ve been testing out automation for the last few months and the response from my audiences has been…


And that’s when it hit me…

People don’t hate bots, they hate bots (or the thought of bots) being used to REPLACE the human experience!

But the reality is, there are times in your business when it’s actually FASTER and more HELPFUL to send your customer through automation than make them wait for a human response. Right?

Don’t believe me? Just think about this…

• When I go to pay my cable bill online – I don’t care that a “bot” processes it. It takes 60 seconds to pay my bill online, versus the average of 5-10 minutes I have to wait on hold to pay with a live rep.

• When I got to Amazon and order something – I don’t care that a “bot” sends me shipping updates – in fact, I wouldn’t expect Amazon to have people manually sending me updates!

• When get a call from my vet for my munchkins – I don’t care that it’s a “bot” leaving me a message me to show up, in fact I LIKE that I don’t have to have a full convo – just a quick reminder!

It’s my duty and responsability to step in, change the game, and show entreprensurs, business owners and people just like you how to create automation that your clients and customers LOVE!

[FREE Report!] ‘How To Create Your Very Own FREE ChatBot In (less than) 1 Hr.’ (No Coding Necessary) (Just ‘right click’ and ‘save as’ to your computer)

Enjoy the following 3 ‘how to’ videos courtesy of Manychat (one of the bot platforms I love to use!)

How to create a Facebook Messenger bot without coding?

How to broadcast messages in Facebook Messenger?

How to create a landing page for your Facebook bot?

Did you know that there are 5 different types of ‘marketing’ bots you can deploy?

My goal is to let entrepreneurs, business owners and people just like you know…

Facebook Messenger Bots can be a source of authentic engagement, relationship building, and an incredible customer experience!


Following are 5 bot types that each create authentic engagement…

1. “The Fan to Fanatic Messenger” – Learn how to bring your existing audience over to your Messenger List and get them excited about receiving messages from you about products, content, and more!

2. “The Site Capture Messenger” – Discover the tricks to getting 5% or more of your website traffic joining your messenger list, without spending anything on advertising (oh and they will CHOOSE to connect with you for more)

3. “The Quick Builder Messenger” – The quick system to adding 50-100 people to your messenger list FAST so you can bring the quick win home and start learning what it is your audience needs!

4. “The Funnel Follower Messenger” – Imagine if you could increase the conversions of your funnel while offering FREE accountability to your audience. Well imagine no more, let’s make it happen!

5. “The Expert Diagnosis Messenger” – One of my favorite boots – this allows you to connect with your customers, solve their problems, and get them excited about your paid products before they ever join your list!

So now my question is…

Which chatbot are you going to stitch into your marketing and business today?

If you want to chat more or ask about our ‘done for you’ service our contact and scheduling information should be very near here…


Mark Huber

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