How To Build An Ecomm Recommendation Quiz That Sells Like A Pro

The Challenge: How To Build An eComm Recommendations Quiz That Sells Like A Pro’ (in 1 hr. or less)

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My name is Mark Huber hailing from beautiful Vancouver, Canada ‘head honcho’ at SuccessOnTheFly Marketing, a boutique agency that specializes on providing ‘game changer’ results for busy business owners specifically by using interactive media & conversational marketing guaranteed to give savvy business owners a new ‘unfair advantage’ over their competition!

And I am so pleased that you dropped by today!


Because we’ve got something very special going on!

Perhaps you’re here out of curiosity or because you’re looking for something new to ramp up your online lead generation & sales campaigns…

Whatever your reasons the challenge (should you choose to accept it) is for you to read and watch here today as we lay down the exact steps to creating your very first eComm recommendations quiz (in 1 hr. or less) to start generating more qualified leads & sales for you and your business!
(Yes, this even works for affiliate offers & products too!)

Hope you’re OK with that!

But first a bit of a backgrounder to set things up for you…

Most people have no idea that you can use quizzes to grow your list and build your online business.

And many people still collectively think of quizzes as a fun, pointless activity that serves up a little insight into our humanity and not much more.

But quizzes are the underdog of the lead generation world!

Quizzes go beyond just generating leads.

They hold the underrated power of questions.

Ever heard of Ryan Levesque?

He’s built a business empire because he discovered the power of asking questions and created a process called ‘The Ask Method’ and in fact uses surveys to generate 50,000 new subscribers every month!

Quizzes hold the same potential, but they’re way more fun.

Asking the right questions helps you offer up the right solutions. Solutions that your ideal clients will go gaga over.

Looking for quick answers to see if adding a quiz into your current business is worth it?

Check out this ‘live’ interview for the answers and statistics that are bound to ‘shock & awe’ you!

Ryan Levesque Interviews Andy Mackensen – ‘Live’ ( the video takes a few seconds to load – be patient – it’s well worth it)

Video Highlights

Andy Mackensen from SnackNation talks about how a quiz sells their physical products as a subscription service in his B2B space.

Snack Nation is #24 on the INC 500 list of the fastest growing companies in the nation, with $24 MILLION dollars in sales (and growing).

Andy was skeptical about putting a quiz on his website’s homepage.

So they tested it out…

And the RESULTS?

Better on ALL the metrics…

* The quiz sped up the sales cycle from 11 days to 8 days…

* Doubled the NUMBER of qualified leads from the SAME amount of traffic…

* TRIPLED monthly recurring revenue…

* And drove DOWN cost per lead.

TRIPLE the money and LESS time to close the deal?

I’ll take that ALL day EVERY day!

Now, just think what you could do!

And actually in mere moments from now you’ll get your opportunity to create your first eCom recommendations quiz (in less than 1 hr.)!

Now, many business owners operate from a place of assumption. I’m guilty of this too. We know what people need, but we don’t always know what they want.

It’s true what they say: ‘Helping is the new selling.’

And to often we don’t give our prospects or customers the opportunity to ‘help us – help them’! Right?!

However, this is pretty quick to fix when we use ‘interactive media’ like a quiz, a survey, a calculator or an assessment, etc.

Because our time is limited here today we are going to focus on quizzes because they are the quickest way to get you some fast quantifiable results.

And we hope your OK with that!

When you have an optimized quiz, with questions that relate back to your business, you have the gold at the end of the rainbow.

You’ve not only got a beautiful explosion of colorful new people in your funnel, but you’ve got data, baby!

Data that tells you what your subscribers are struggling with most and what their core desires are. That is more valuable than all the rainbows.

Learn more about what people want, and from there, business becomes a whole lot easier.

If you’re here your obviously up for the challenge because you haven’t built a quiz yet or you’re struggling with one that you may have already created but isn’t measuring up to what you’d hoped for…

We’re here to help you with that today!

Creating quiz funnels is one of our favorite ways to help businesses grow.

So let’s dive right in!

Here’s the Challenge!

Creating your first e-commerce recommendation quiz (in less than 1 hr.)

Right here!

Right now!

Having an E-commerce recommendation quiz could be a real game-changer for your business.

Quizzes are accessed 8-10 times more than other forms of content and can often score up to a mind blowing 40% opt-in rate!

Just think what that could do to your bottom-line!

Now, if that isn’t enough to get you excited and continue on – then we really don’t know what will.

So, are you up for the challenge?

It doesn’t require any technical know-how on your part & will literally take you less than 1 hour!

How is that possible?

That’s how easy Outgrow makes it for you.

(Outgrow is a leading quiz platform provider that we’ve used for years and completely love, trust & recommend!)

FIY: We have trusted Outgrow & been advocates of their services for many years & are always proud to introduce Outgrow to our viewers through our ‘affiliate link’. It costs you no more to purchase through it. If you do purchase we may receive a small compensation for the ‘referral’. You probably already knew that anyway but we just wanted to be totally transparent & crystal clear on that!

Sign up for Outgrow now.

(You can confidently sign up for your Outgrow FREE 14 day trial – no credit card required. That will give you plenty of time to tweak & assess how your quiz is performing. At the end you can continue or close your account – no harm no foul!)

Have you opened out Outgrow account?

Ready to get rolling?

On your marks! Get set! GO!

To start: Here’s an explainer video of the actual process for you!
(Click below to watch)

‘How To Create E-commerce Recommendation Quiz Like A Pro’

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

1. Choosing Quiz Type
2. Picking a Layout
3. Add Your Products/Store (optional)
4. Setting the Title
5. Crafting Questions
6. Lead Generation
7. Product Recommendations
8. Product Linking

Some Additional Steps:
9. Tracking and Automating Responses
10. Analyzing Results
11. Reviewing Performance
12. Relating Content

So for this excercise we will be designing a makeup set recommendation quiz that will give you a much better understanding as you set up your own eCommerce quiz.

Step 1: Choose Quiz Type
Start by selecting “E-commerce Recommendation”. You can always try some of the other options once you’ve got your first quiz under your belt…

Step 2: Pick Your Favourite Layout
You can choose pre-made templates with different layouts or select a template that have been custom-made for Outgrow clients in different industries.

Step 3: Add Your Products/Store
Now, you can straightaway connect your Shopify or other accounts to your Outgrow dashboard to fetch your listed products for the recommendation. However, this step is completely optional and you can skip this to start designing the quiz.

Step 4: Setting An Eye-Grabbing Title
Do you know that 80% of readers decide if they want to check something out or not based on its title?

Now is the time to make that great first impression!

A good title can make or break the success of your quiz.

Set a title capable enough of evoking strong emotion in your readers’ minds. It can be tempting, surprising, or challenging!

Include the word “you” to attract more clicks

Challenge the user to take the quiz.


“Can you ace the…?”

“Which __ are you?”

Google ‘headline analyzers’ and try a few out to get some idea of how well your title may perform in the ‘real world’! The results may surprise you!

Here’s a few you can try and see what you think:

Here, you will see a dashboard like the one shown below.

Start with editing the title for the welcome screen along with the CTA (‘call to action’) button that prompts the user to start the quiz. You can easily see the real-time preview of your quiz as you edit it.

Step 5: Craft Your Creative Questions
Next, it’s time to craft those creative questions that you want your audience to answer in order to make an accurate recommendation.
Since in this example we are trying to recommend a makeup set, you can ask appropriate questions like the prospect’s face structure, skin color or skin type.

Make sure that the options to your questions are mapped to different outcomes so that the recommendations produced are personalized for each user. Have a look at some sample questions that we used for this quiz.

Here are some best practices to follow while creating questions for a smooth customer experience.

1. Use your expertise
Use your expertise to write questions that are relevant to the outcomes you’ve created. They’ve got to be engaging and relevant!

2. Five to Ten Questions
You want to have enough questions that the users will trust your recommendation but not so many that they bounce. Definitely a delicate balance here.

3. Use Checkboxes
Don’t ask for text inputs! They are ambiguous and require too much thinking and time from your users. Use checkboxes instead.

4. Display 1-2 Questions at a Time
Don’t confuse your user. Stick to showing one or two questions at a time.

5. Use Images and GIFs
This is huge! Use relevant images/gifs with your questions. This not only captures interest but also adds to the story.

Some Interesting Type of Questions You Can Play With:

This is an ‘opinion scale’ type question. You can change the question type to suit the kind of options you want to provide.

Pro Tip: When you have more time after completing your first quiz spend some time inside Facebook groups, forums, and subreddits where your ideal client or customer hangs out and try to pick up on any common pain points.

Or check out The Conversation Starters World

Our go-to resource for creating outstanding questions that people will want to answer.

If you want to create a truly compelling quiz, don’t overlook this step! I know…research, how boring and tedious.

Step 6: Leverage Lead Generation
Now, your aim is to give those recommendations and drive sales. But, let’s be realistic! Not every customer will end up making a purchase right away.

But, you can play smart here by taking some info from the user and building your email list. You can then follow-up and nurture your leads to win them back.

Many people swear by adding a lead generation form on the welcome screen. (You can certainly test this for yourself.) But we’ve found much better results asking for a name and email address just before the results page.


Because your ‘ideal customer’ has just invested some of their time and energy in going through your quiz and is now excited to see the personalized results from your brand! (It’s kind of like ‘dating’ don’t go for ‘the BIG ASK’ until you’ve spend some time together first… Make sense?)

Pro Tip: When your ‘ideal customer’ takes the effort to fill out your lead capture form, surprise them with a discount on their first purchase. Your users are going to love you for that!

Step 7: Finally, the Recommendations
And finally, it is time to show them your best-selling recommendations. Try to keep the outcome precise, but give the users some options to choose from.

Step 8: But Wait, Don’t Forget Product Linking and CTA
Yes, we are not done with the recommendation!

Adding links to your product here is a must-do step. It not only drives traffic to your website but increases the probability of conversion.

Also, this is where you place your CTAs (calls to action). So, be smart and add those artistic CTAs.

You can also add social media buttons so that users can share the results with their community.

Hurray! We are done.

And that my friend means you are now the proud owner of your brand new first recommendation e-commerce quiz!


How do you feel? Probably just like a proud parent! And you have every right to be!

Because what you’ve just done if far more than most in your industry have (believe me on this) and this will definitely give you a new ‘unfair advantage over the competition!

And how long did it take?

Probably less than 1 hr. as predicted! Right!?

If not, that’s OK too because you really don’t want to rush a great thing…!

In fact, take all the time you want!

But now there are a couple of more steps which will take you even closer to success.

Step 9: Put on Tracking and Automation
Once you are done designing your quiz, go to the configure tab to put on tracking for your quiz responses. You can set up a Google and Facebook pixel for tracking your quiz.

Outgrow gives you the option of sending automated emails to users whenever they take the quiz. You will also find a ton of 3rd party integrations for your convenience here.

Make sure you don’t overlook this step!

Remember: Your quiz is designed to engage, entertain & educate (and sell)! Your autoresponders ‘drip’ sequences are needed to nurture your new leads and continue the ‘know, like & trust’ towards converting them ultimately into paying customers.

‘The gold is in the follow up’!

Step 10: Analyze Your Quiz Performance
Analyzing your experience is the key to understanding how well the quiz is performing, and if you need to make any changes. A quiz is not a ‘set & forget’ digital asset. Once you start getting responses, you can check its detailed performance in the Analyze tab. At this point you’ll have good data and your ‘tweaking’ will give you even better results as time goes by!

Step 11: Review Your Performance
After that, switch to the Performance tab to find an overall score calculated on the basis of your current content structure. Also, you will see recommendations on the areas that can be improved.

Step 12: Relate your Content
Once you are done with everything, you can make use of the Relate tab for getting all the better insights about your e-commerce recommendation quiz. The Relate Tab can help you understand how certain user parameters are affecting the engagement of your quiz. Through this tab, you can understand how your engagement is being affected by your browser, location, and device.

We know you’re excited…

More Tips!
1. Use the bitly link shortener ( to create a short, sharable link for posting on your social platforms and inside your emails too!

2. Use your title & link in a ‘Hello Bar’ for your website! Just having that set up on your website is a great way to generate leads on a consistent basis!

3. Add social share widgets so that the users share their interactive experiences with their community.

4. You may also try asking users to recommend the quiz to their friends who may benefit from it. This increases traction through word-of-mouth and you may end up getting higher conversions.

5. Experiment with using Outgrows exit-intent or timed pop-up to show your quiz on your site too!

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So… what do you think so far?

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Now it’s all up to you!

Ready to get rolling?

On your marks! Get set! GO!

Well, that’s all folks!

Our sincere hope from the time you’ve spent here is that we’ve acted as the catalyst that gets your first ecomm recommendations quiz up and running and that you see great results!

Now, go get ’em tiger!


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