How to Become an INFLUENCER in Less than 12 Months

I am sure that you’d agree that your success in life and business can often be attributed to those whom you follow and whom you allow to influence you.

That said, I have had the privilege of getting to know fellow Canadian Scott Oldford over the past 2 years; ever since he first came to my attention online and the insights and information that this young man offers up so generously have been a ‘game changer’ for me and for many others.

And as I believe that when we have something of value it is our pleasure and duty to share it with others so that is why I am sharing him and his wisdom here with you today. Enjoy!

How to become an INFLUENCER in Less than 12 Months via Scott Oldford

4 years ago, I was $726k in debt with no options.

3 years ago, I was running an agency and hated my life.

2 years ago, I was a “no one” in the business growth/online space.

1 year ago, I was getting known in this world.

Today, people keep on tossing around the world “influencer”.

The fact that I should be allowed to influence anything, is scary.

But… hey, I’ll take it.


You and me, we have an unfair advantage.

For me, it’s been building HUGE Online Communities and Websites and helping clients for years with Growth using Online Marketing.

For you…

Whatever your craft is, it’s likely that you’re REALLY good at that.

However, the problem is if, your value isn’t distributed and if that value isn’t leveraged.

Your ability to use it to mediate attention, get paid what your worth and have an amazing life is difficult.


Here are the steps that I’ve found that allow you to become a so-called “influencer”.

1. Become extremely clear on the singular thing that you want to be known for. Kill everything else. (Business Growth for me)

2. Decide the exact audience that you’re intending on helping and forget about everyone else. (Mine is Six-Figure Entrepreneurs)

3. Decide which media platforms you will own, don’t try to own more than 2, maybe 3 (mine are Facebook, Facebook Ads and Email)

4. Decide what media type is going to help you the most based on your audience and personality (writing is most effective for my audience)

5. Develop a marketing funnel that automatically allows you to bring strangers and turn them into advocates of yours.

6. Develop a value-multiplier, such as a program or something that allows people to “buy” from you, so they see you as a business and not just another person. Ideally, they can buy this at anytime and it’s a few thousand dollars.

7. Get in the habit of developing content EVERY, SINGLE, DAY. It doesn’t matter if it’s all amazing, most of it won’t be. However, ensure you are publishing to your main platforms.

8. Act as if you have an audience before you have one, go into the “reality distortion field” and remember that you MUST be a person someone WANTS to follow, thus you must be a person that would follow yourself.

9. Make a list of 250 influencers, 250 of your ideal customers, 250 podcasts, 250 blogs.

10. Get on the phone with AS MANY people as possible.

If you aren’t have 40 calls a week, your doing something wrong.

You aren’t sell ANYTHING…

You’re building relationships and seeing how you can help someone else.

11. Create an active community, such as a Facebook or Linkedin Group, invite those that you resonate with on the phone. Ideally have 50 people from Day-One.

12. Start getting attention of people and land a couple articles, podcasts, etc. all running back to your main marketing funnel.

Take these and then leverage them to go back to people that said “no”.

Perservance is the game.

13. Continue to create great value and post every single day.

14. Help as many of the influencers, podcasters, and other influencers, by looking at what they need. How can you help their audiences further.

15. Start partnering with those with specific folks who you’ve started developing deep relationships with and having them elevate you to their audience, you can also make money by directing them to your marketing funnel and product.

16. Attend Masterminds, that are small and where you get to know 10 or so people really well, this is where there is massive magic.

17. Start connecting people together and seeing how you can all benefit from being able to work together.

18. Continue being omnipresent with content and increase your consistency.

Rinse and Repeat…

Every day…

1% better a day…

Within 12 months, you’ll be an influencer.

It will be a lot of work…

However, being an influencer will change your life.


and be an influencer for the right reasons.

Being an influencer sucks a lot of the time.

It’s easier to hide in the shadows…

Remember, being an influencer is about being able to influence things you want to influence.

It’s not a popularity contest…

If you do it for that, it’ll be difficult to succeed.

People will see right through you.

And with that…

Go become an influencer.

– End –

Wise words from a young Canadian man who should know… Just ‘Google’ the name ‘Scott Oldford’ you’ll find the story of his journey as an entrepreneur utterly fascinating.



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