How To Add FB Messenger Live Chat On Your WebSite Fast [Video]

As every small business owner knows, wearing a lot of hats is how you keep your company in the black.

Having FB Live Chat installed on your website as an engagement tool could forever change your business. (for the good)

Is Facebook Live Chat the right choice for your business?

Well, it’s…

1) Frictionless (way to start)
2) Powerful Communication Channel
3) Messenger List building
4) Facebook provides data without you asking for it
5) The visited page says a lot about them – ‘browser history’
6) Every action inside of Messenger can be saved
7) Instant Answers – Automate Your Frequently Asked Questions
8) Handover to the most suitable human
9) Time and Device Flexible for the user

Bonus reasons:
Ideal for small businesses
Lead magnet delivery
Lead Qualification
Easy Satisfaction Surveys
Your business will be on the top of their Messenger Inbox

Did I miss anything?

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