How Ramit Sethi Tricked Me Into Following Him On Instagram

Just to be clear: I like Ramit Sethi and admire and respect the empire he has build over the years with his: ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ programs.

I follow Ramit Sethi and I learn from Ramit Sethi.

He is a great marketer and I and countless others have seen our ideas blossom into viable revenue generating businesses and our incomes grow all from following his wisdom.

And recently, I fell for some of his marketing genius…

Here’s what happened.

Because I try to keep current and up to date on events and trends I was scrolling through my Twitter feed two nights ago.

It was there that I stumbled across a Tweet from Ramit.

It caught my attention. What’s he up to I wondered?

The Tweet was from @ramit asking a question about using LinkedIn as a new channel and if he was doing this right…

The screen shot he included showed a narrow view of a LinkedIn post (that I had read) that had now garnered 2,829 views. (see screenshot)

So being curious I clicked.


Well the next thing I know I am staring at his Instagram page. Just like that!

I was not expecting that and wondered what in the world was going on…

Then it dawned on me.

He was ‘growth hacking’ by creating curiosity and channeling ‘eyeballs’ over to a social platform he wanted to build out by getting followers and engagement on.

Certainly nothing wrong with talking about LinkedIn on Instragram, Right?

In any event, I had to chuckle to myself on how he had ‘tricked’ me (in a good way) and then spent a few moments to ‘follow’ him and then to compose a comment.

This is what I wrote: “@ramit I fell for it and here I am. You’re a clever one Sir!” (see screenshot)

I mean what else could I say?

A simple but clever strategy from a modern day marketing master.

Well done Ramit. Love your style!

So, I think I’ll keep that strategy in my back pocket for now and pull it out when the time is right for me to use.

Is this something you see yourself using? Or have you used this or a variation of it in past? How did it go?

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments here.

Well, that’s it for now; thanks for reading and I hope you found this mildly amusing and possibly helpful.


Mark Huber

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