How To Use Conversational Interactive Forms For Lead Generation – Must See Video

The exciting thing about interactive content and conversational marketing is that it will quickly be your new ‘unfair advantage’ over the competition and immediately elevate you above the crowd!

It’s proven to work!

Interactive content will easily 2-3X your current conversion rates across your website.

So, if you’re looking for something that:

* Grabs attention more effectively than passive/static content

* Increases audience engagement

* Gives greater retention of brand messaging

* Gives more repeat visitors

* Generates more leads & sales faster

Interactive content is the answer!

How To Fill Up Your Sales Pipeline Faster By Using Conversational Interactive Forms For Lead Generation Form

Want to fill up your sales pipeline faster?

Would you like for more online bookings? Appointments? Qualified leads & sales?

Looking for something that could become your new ‘unfair’ advantage over the competition?

Looking to increase your onsite conversions into leads and sales?

If you said ‘Yes’ to any of these questions today’s your lucky day – we know how to fix that!

And we’ll show you right here!

Right now!

If you’re looking for a quick win for your business today the absolutely quickest way is to run a short ‘test’.

The test is this:

Replace one of your ‘traditional’ static, long lead generation forms & instead, start using a conversational ‘interactive’ form. Keep the test running for a few days & we guarantee that the results will absolutely astound you. (To get going fast make sure to watch the video below & get our ‘9 Tips’ guide too.)

Do you know that as a business owner you have 8 seconds or less to engage your new onsite visitor & encourage them to stay, learn more & buy from you?

So, what do you offer?

A ‘traditional’ static, boring, long lead generation form with lots of questions no one really wants to answer. (and you wonder why your completion rates are dropping like a rock?) [Something else to consider. These forms just get you names and emails; they don’t give you insights into a customers’ behavior, their likes or dislikes. In other words – no data!]


A simple, engaging & effective interactive experience… which in ‘real time’ adds value, answers questions, and gives a personalized experience.

Like this

(tap to start)

See, this is just one example of interactive content & conversational marketing and why it is a real and growing movement these days!


Because of the immediacy & personalization it offers to your prospects & customers in their interaction with your business!

Your ‘ideal people’, your prospects, don’t want to spend more time reading content, they are increasingly demanding personalized and relevant information in ‘real time’ whether it be through a conversational ‘interactive’ lead generation form, survey, quiz, calculator, assessment, recommendation, poll or chatbot.

They’re looking for engagement and quick ‘real time’ access to answering their questions & filling their needs!

If you’re not providing this they’re off your site like a flock of startled sparrows you’ve just lost the potential to generate a lead, book an appointment or make a sale!

In today’s economic environment it’s all about the ‘customer journey’!

Making it relevent, convenient, immediate & ‘frictionless’ for your prospects & customers to engage, learn more about your offerings and ultimately buy from you!

So start by creating some relevant ‘interactive content’ on your site.

Offer your visitors the opportunity to engage and have ‘real’ onsite conversations with you!

You’ll be amazed at just how quickly you’ll start seeing increased conversions & sales that ultimately add to your bottom line!

It’s a ‘win – win’!

And that’s what it’s all about – Right!?

Curious to see how it works?

Watch our short ‘learn out loud’ 12 min. video

The real fun is in getting started & getting your first ‘quick wins’!

When you create a clear, friendly, conversational ‘interactive’ form – not only will you impress your audience you’ll get better results.

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‘9 Top Tips for Creating Highly Effective Lead Generation (interactive) Forms’

The wonderful thing about interactive content is that it cannot be ‘consumed’ (unlike ‘static content’ like a blog post or article) without interaction or engagement from your prospect/customer. This is huge because it helps create a two-way communication and starts a ‘back & forth’ dialogue. These small ‘micro steps’ that are part of the ‘user experience’ when done right mean that your all your forms, surveys, assessments, quizzes, etc. will have a much higher completion rate. And that’s what you want. Right?!

The other big benefits over ‘static content’ are that while completing interactive content forms and calculators, quizzes, etc. your prospects/customers enter in their real information because they want to find the answers to their most pressing questions (calculators) or get more insight into their personalities (quizzes).

By offering experiences on your website like calculators, quizzes, chatbots, recommendations, tests, and polls make your customers feel important by giving them an output (answer or summary/direction) that is only for them. They talk to the end user.

And as a great byproduct you get rich user data which opens up awesome possibilities for you and your business.

Now, are you beginning to see the vision & the opportunity for you & your business yet?

Getting excited to start putting this into place and testing it out for yourself?

We hope so for your sake!

Because whether your just ‘late to this party’ or you want to ‘kick things up a notch’ – Interactive content is now ‘King’ over traditional content ‘Queen’!

Yes, we won’t lie to you, it does take some time to set up your conversational interactive forms & get them ‘pitch perfect’ but once they’re live on your website (and can even be shared on your social media platforms too), they’ll pretty much run on their own – quietly generating consistent qualified, leads, conversions & sales – each and every day for you!.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with and how you use your new conversational interactive forms to grow your business!

Now, go get ‘em tiger!






Mark Huber (& team)

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