Chatbot Demo

To help you better understand how a chatbot works here’s a super short demo video. (46 sec.) – See below…

You’ll quickly see how chat bots work & why they’re so powerful.

In the video: A ‘desktop view’ is on the left & A ‘phone view’ is on the right.

(Video may take a few moments to load! Be patient.)

Now, meet your new ‘intern’…

How it works: Someone presses a button on your web page on the desktop (or mobile).


A chat bot alert shows up on your prospects phone and delivers your message & materials.

This could be YOUR ‘lead magnet’: Giving FREE access to a report, a pdf file, a training video, link to your webinar, invite to upcoming FB ‘live’, your booking calendar, affiliate link, etc.

It’s super-simple & it works.

You can send PDFs, send videos, links to blog posts, link to an appointment scheduler, take PayPal payments, link to Shopify, send gifs or photos – just about anything!

Basically, whatever you are currently doing with email you can do in Messenger but way simpler, faster with more engagement and with 100% deliverability.

Are you ready to discover how chatbots will revolutionize your marketing and sales?

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The future of marketing is in conversational commerce (chatbots)

NOW is the time to personalize your customers journey and scale up your business with Chatbots.

So you can

Reduce customer acquisition costs by 50–80%
Increase engagement & conversion by 500%
Reduce customer service costs by 50–80%

The future of marketing is here and it’s waiting for you.

Now, just think what you could do!

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