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[Case Study] See How A Piano Teacher Gets Top Ranking For Her Local Business Listing On Google

Watch as I go through a case study where we helped a local piano teacher get top ranking in her market against over 200 other piano teachers…

Your optimized business listing on Google is actually a huge deciding factor in ranking over your competition.

Are you currently using any of these 6 actionable ‘quick win’ tips we lay down in the video?

If not, start including them for optimizing your business listing on Google for more local search results!

{Case Study]  Pascale’s All Natural Ice Cream

This case study is a fine example of what you too could benefit from for your own business listing on Google.

If you follow some of the simple strategies & instructions I share with you here you’ll start seeing some great wins fast.

This short 8 minute video takes you ‘under the hood’ & shows the importance of having quality content to help a business rank in search.

Search Engine Optimization Analysis Of 2 Ecommerce Sites | SuccessOnTheFly Marketing

Struggling to get found in search?

If so, and while you are building your business website out here are our 8 top tips for quickly optimizing your business listing on Google

You don’t even need a fancy or expensive website to do it

It all starts with your business listing on Google!

Here’s our 8 tips on how

1 – Add images/pictures – More photos get 37% more clicks, calls & direction requests!

2 – Add video – Upload your own 30-second spots highlighting what you do – how you do it & why you

do it!

3 – Write posts – What’s New, Offers, Events, Products – PLUS add ‘CTAs’: Book appt., Call! Learn


4 – Use the FAQ feature.

5 – Add product images

6 – Create ‘Welcome Offers’

7 – Get ‘Followers’ in Google Maps

8 – Collect client reviews. Businesses with more reviews than average generate 54% more revenue!

Start putting these tips into practice & you’ll be amazed at the results!

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