Can Build Messenger Bot

Stop marketing like it’s 2017!

Give yourself what you’ve been looking for!

An ‘unfair advantage’ over your competition.


Well, we have just the ticket for you!


Hi there

As a savvy business owner ready to shake things up a bit with something that will…

Be relevant & engaging on your behalf

Generate new leads

Nurture your prospects

Invite your ‘tribe’ to your special events, presentations, trainings & webinars…

Do follow ups to your special events attendees

Tirelessly answer your clients FAQs

Deliver your messages.

Take orders

Accept payments

Initiate ‘upsells’ to your leads/clients

Send out your newsletters

Delight your audience with relevent information


Will never call in sick

Will never take holidays

Will happily work 24/7

Will never ask for a raise

Will always be at your beck and call

and do all this for FREE?!

Sound good?

If so, let’s talk about how to quickly create & insert a Messenger messaging chatbot into your business as a ‘real time’ engagement & sales automation tool.

So you start enjoying the all the reasons you started your business in the first place.

Can’t think of anything better than that – can you?

We’ll build your messenger messaging chat bot for your business!

If you’ve already taken our ‘Build A Messenger Chatbot For Your Business’ – FREE 5 Day Challenge! you know what we’re talking about.

If not, check it out now! (Yes, right now so you can see firsthand what we’re going to be talking about!)

If your pressed for time – we get it. So at least, do yourself a favor and get:

‘5 Things You’re Losing Right Now By Not Using Messenger Messaging In Your Business’


‘How To Use Messenger Messaging To Sell AND Build Your Email List!’

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OK, so here’s the deal…

Here’s what you get (plus some nice surprises along the way):

Website Popup

We’ll make it easy for your website visitors to subscribe to your bot

Landing page

We’ll make it easy for your audience to subscribe to your bot

Messenger Greeting

Users can see your messenger greeting that explains what your chat bot is about, before they are even subscribed.

Welcome message

Using whatever message you want, your bot will greet your new subscribers personally, by name!

Full Sequence

We will create and help you market your Messenger messaging leads & sales funnel with a fully customized sequence.  Ideally it would look something like

Message #1 – Engaging and educational content

Message #2 – Engaging and educational content

Message #3 – Engaging and educational content + soft sell

Message #4 – Engaging and educational content

Message #5 – Hard sell

Message #6 – To Be Determined

Message #7 – To Be Determined

Any existing content you may wish to share such as blog posts, articles, videos, audios, gifs, a webinar, etc. will be incuded to create a robust and exciting user experience for your guests.

But we can obviously tailor your sequencing and resources to whatever best fits your business goals.

Interactive Content

Consult to include/create interactive content (quiz, contest, giveaway, calculator)

Referral URL

We can create one referral URL to put on any destination to track how many people came from there. If you recently got featured on Forbes for example, you can link to your bot’s referral link and give the Forbes audience a custom welcome… plus track how many subscribers came from Forbes.

Our team will create your messenger chat bot in 7 days (or less).

Your investment?

Our ‘Build My Bot’ premium package is $1,495.00 (limited time offer) and includes what you see here as well as 2 months coaching/fine tuning. This allows us to continue partnering and consulting until you feel it’s time to take off the ‘training wheels’… Our work comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied within 60 days.

This Special ‘New Years 2018’ pricing is in effect for a limited time. Register today for to take advantage of our ‘Build My Bot’ offer!)

As a savvy business owner you know that

Time is money

and that

Money buys us time!

A Messenger messaging chatbot will give you back the time you’re spending on things you needn’t. Right?

Take back your time to spend focusing on the other things that matter more.

So you start enjoying the all the reasons you started your business in the first place.

Can’t think of anything better than that – can you?

To hold your spot & book a consult

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Looking forward to hearing from you and partnering to create a truly remarkable automated marketing & sales tool for you!


Mark Huber