How To Create Fun Quizzes To Build Big Lists Of Buyers Fast And Cheap

How To Create Fun Quizzes To Build Big Lists Of Buyers Fast And Cheap

Today I want to share one of the very best ever techniques to build lists from the ground up quickly and cheaply.

Can you guess what it is?

It is with quizzes.

People love to take quizzes, Right?!

I know that I do. And we love to share them too! Right?!

The New York Times’ most popular story of 2013 was not an article – it was a quiz!

In fact, it was a ‘dialect’ quiz.

In fact, it was a ‘dialect’ quiz called:

‘How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk’

Don’t believe me? Just ‘google’ it!

and while we are on the topic I thought that you may enjoy this post:

Why online quizzes are taking over your Facebook feed

OK, now back to our regular sponsored programming…

First off, I think that you’ll agree that Facebook is at its heart an entertainment platform and because of this, quizzes: especially fun quizzes work amazingly well to get leads fast and cheap with people who will buy.

And that’s the name of the game here.

Don’t ‘game’ prospective leads.

‘Gameify’ them!

Give them a fun reason to enter into your world.

And quizzes are the perfect tool for that.

Specifically, I’ll give you the exact steps you need to take and resources you might want to use to get started.

Here we go…

#1 – Determine quiz subject with your offer

The easiest way to figure what kind of quiz people will take is to run a “headline test.”

All this consists of is 3-5 different angles to see what your target market will react to.

For instance, if you were going to run golf ads you’ll test various topics like: want to hit the ball farther, improve your short game, test your knowledge about golf, etc.

What I found is most the time the fun, “how much smarter are you than (blank)?” angles worked but not all the time.

This test shifts the onus on making a decision onto your market which they’re happy to oblige.

Quite honestly, the topic almost doesn’t matter as long as it’s fun.

For example, if you were running one for a personal Disney shopper service, you would do well with a quiz titled, “Are you smarter than the average Disneyland fan?”

Once you have 2 or 3 headlines picked out you want to run this headline test at no more than $10/day for 48 hours.

Pick the winner by either the most clicks or best CTR (‘click through rate’), whatever metric (measurement) you value the most.

Here’s an example for what I am talking about with the Disneyland quiz:

Now, you’ll notice the ‘bribe’ in there. You certainly don’t need to do this bit it does ‘incentivize’ people to take the quiz and it works well.

Also, the copy is a template that has been tested and gets CTR ranging from 7-15% depending on the quiz.

This is something you can test whether it’s a contest, bribe or just selling your own product.

#2 – Create your quiz and questions

I’m not a tech geek so to help me create quizzes fast and easy I use Outgrow and/or Typeform

Here’s one of mine that I made fast with Typeform

As you go through the quiz questions you’ll notice they’re pretty fun, but not terribly hard for your target market.

The easier and more fun the better.

Also what can happen is that you can get a bunch of sharing by those folks taking the quiz!

Effectively this will drop your cost per lead (CPL) and of course, your cost per acquisition (CPA).

#3 – Link your offer

Inside your quiz you want to make sure to link to your offer once the quiz is finished.

Your quiz takers will enter in their info (make sure you have them opt-in after taking the quiz to get their results) and then inside of your results you can link to the offer you wish to sell.

So, that could be access to a training video, an evergreen webinar, a pdf download, your Shopify store – whatever!.

What you’ll find is you get both leads and sales which can help subsidize your ad spend costs while building your list – all at the same time!

How cool is that!

Another favorite growth hacking toolkit of mine is VYPER

With VYPER you grow your email list in the same way but instead of quizzes you use viral sweepstakes & giveaways, viral leaderboard constests, content upgrades and interactive pop ups.

Now, understand that not everyone is going to buy your product and/or services immediately after the quiz or contest/giveaway ends.

Now, understand that not everyone is going to buy your product and/or services immediately after the quiz ends. However, with the correct lead and email nurturing your subscriber list should still be responsive and receptive to continuing to hear email messages from you via a ‘drip email marketing campaign’.

Naturally, there’s always a bit of testing and refining you’ll want to do but, if you’re looking to build lists without doing too much in terms of lead bait this has been a highly effective technique.

Well, there you have it!

Now, go get ‘em tiger!



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Mark Huber

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‘How To Create A Viral Video For Free (in 10 min. or less)’ [Training Video]

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Facebook introduces a Messenger plugin for business websites


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Thanks for reading.

Now, go get ’em tiger!


Mark Huber

How To Capture More Webinar Registrations & New Leads With Messenger Messaging Using ManyChat

If you’re interested in learning how to capture more webinar registrations and new leads with Messenger messaging using ManyChat you’ve come to the right place…

This post will teach you how to:

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Zapier + ManyChat: 4 Ways to Integrate ManyChat into Your Business

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Wishloop Reviewed by Mark Huber

Wishloop Reviewed by Mark Huber

Wishloop: The all-in-one website conversion app making your website more dynamic, relevant and conversion-focused.

Let’s be honest here for a moment, OK?

People like to feel special.

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You don’t want your website visitors to feel like numbers. Landing pages are where they opt-in for your value or bounce off in forgetfulness, gone for eternity.

You only get one chance at making a first impression and personalisation is your golden ticket to getting that right.

That is exactly what Wishloop is all about.

The right message at the right time!

Wishloop enables you to have your content dressed up for your visitors using elements that flat out work to increase the likeliness of conversations.

The beauty of it all is that this stuff won’t just randomly show.

You get extensive targeting power based on things like traffic source, specific web pages viewed and new or returning visitors.

The list goes on…

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Now, go get ’em tiger!


Mark Huber

How To Use (Growth Hack) Medium To Create Expert Status

Are you on Medium? Ever hear of it? Well, if not I’ve got good news for you.

Medium is a free online social platform that is used by millions to record their thoughts and views – just like a journal. (Medium is considered an ‘authority’ platform kind of like LinkedIn but not as ‘stuffy’ – sorry LinkedIn!)

In fact, it’s a wonderful place to begin your online writing journey towards being seen as an ‘expert’ (if that’s important to you)

My best tip is to just start writing on things that appeal to you, what you’re good at or just what’s going on in your work and life.

This is where the ability to create expert status in your chosen niche or passion with your writings can come into play.


Well because you will probably catch the eye of others who like what you’re up to and will begin following you.

As your ‘tribe’ and writing confidence increases so too does your ‘reach’!

As your ‘reach’ extends you get more followers which can lead to opportunities and JVs (joint ventures) and income possibilities you never thought possible.

So, thanks for reading now stop and begin writing on medium today!

Here’s my ‘handle’ on medium

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Mark Huber

How Ramit Sethi Tricked Me Into Following Him On Instagram

Just to be clear: I like Ramit Sethi and admire and respect the empire he has build over the years with his: ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ programs.

I follow Ramit Sethi and I learn from Ramit Sethi.

He is a great marketer and I and countless others have seen our ideas blossom into viable revenue generating businesses and our incomes grow all from following his wisdom.

And recently, I fell for some of his marketing genius…

Here’s what happened.

Because I try to keep current and up to date on events and trends I was scrolling through my Twitter feed two nights ago.

It was there that I stumbled across a Tweet from Ramit.

It caught my attention. What’s he up to I wondered?

The Tweet was from @ramit asking a question about using LinkedIn as a new channel and if he was doing this right…

The screen shot he included showed a narrow view of a LinkedIn post (that I had read) that had now garnered 2,829 views. (see screenshot)

So being curious I clicked.


Well the next thing I know I am staring at his Instagram page. Just like that!

I was not expecting that and wondered what in the world was going on…

Then it dawned on me.

He was ‘growth hacking’ by creating curiosity and channeling ‘eyeballs’ over to a social platform he wanted to build out by getting followers and engagement on.

Certainly nothing wrong with talking about LinkedIn on Instragram, Right?

In any event, I had to chuckle to myself on how he had ‘tricked’ me (in a good way) and then spent a few moments to ‘follow’ him and then to compose a comment.

This is what I wrote: “@ramit I fell for it and here I am. You’re a clever one Sir!” (see screenshot)

I mean what else could I say?

A simple but clever strategy from a modern day marketing master.

Well done Ramit. Love your style!

So, I think I’ll keep that strategy in my back pocket for now and pull it out when the time is right for me to use.

Is this something you see yourself using? Or have you used this or a variation of it in past? How did it go?

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments here.

Well, that’s it for now; thanks for reading and I hope you found this mildly amusing and possibly helpful.


Mark Huber

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