SuccessOnTheFly Marketing is a digital marketing agency located in Richmond BC Canada that helps busy business owners – people just like you, increase your online visibility, reach & revenue fast through the power of Google, Search engine optimized websites, video & interactive media!

Do you currently have an online presence? A ‘claimed & verified’ business listing on Google? A website? Are you running a ‘bricks & mortar’ business? And online store? Are you a services provider?

Do you want to rank #1 on Google for (fill-in-the-blank)?

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My name is Mark Huber hailing from beautiful Vancouver Canada where I head up SuccessOnTheFly Marketing, a boutique agency that specializes on small business marketing and lead generation.

Need help with your business listing on Google or your website? Higher Google rankings?  More business coming your way?

We can help.

After all, in today’s market, your business is either digital & visible or it’s dead!


Mark Huber

PS:  We love what we do & so do our clients!

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“We increase your online visibility, reach & revenue fast through the power of Google, SEO websites, video & interactive media!”

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