9 Reasons Why You Aren’t Making At Least $50,000 a Month

I am sure that you’d agree that your success in life and business can often be attributed to those whom you follow and whom you allow to influence you.

My name is Mark Huber and I have had the privilege of getting to know fellow Canadian Scott Oldford over the past 2 years; ever since he first came to my attention online and the insights and information that this young man offers up so generously have been a ‘game changer’ for me and for many others.

And as I believe that when we have something of value it is our pleasure and duty to share it with others so that is why I am sharing him and his wisdom here with you today. Enjoy!

9 Reasons Why You Aren’t Making At Least $50,000 a Month (if you aren’t already) via Scott Oldford

“It’s not that making money is difficult, it’s that believing you can make as much money as you want, when you want, is what’s difficult to believe”.

For a lot of you, this isn’t relevant.

You’re already making far more than $50,000/month.

For those that aren’t yet, here’s my code to achieving $50,000/month quickly.

As a second note, $50,000/month doesn’t solve many of your problems or challenges, however, it’s the minimum in which you’ve unlocked two superpowers.


and Impact

Many people have freedom, but impact no one.

Many people have impact, but have no freedom.

Have both?

It’s rocket-fuel for your life and DNA.

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Reason #1: You’re afraid to let go

You’re going to have to delegate, you’re going to have to outsource, there are pieces of intimacy that you have today, that you’re going to have to let go of…

Right now, you’re handling marketing, sales, operations, finance, delivery, support…

With your own little “mixture” of things, you’re doing a half-ass job of everything, however, you lie too yourself and say that no one else can do it as good as you…

Or at least that’s how it feels most of the time.

Simply put, you’re afraid to let go of the process, as you don’t know the result.

Reason #2: You’re not using internal and external leverage

If you aren’t delegating and creating internal leverage in your business, then it’s just dumb.

You need to get to the ZONE OF GENIUS… and by outsourcing all but your genius, you’re able to do other things better and take your super-power and scale it.

Further, if you aren’t creating external leverage, with the way that you sell your product, then you also have a problem…

This means, if the product you sell involves your time, then you’re ability to scale and grow and have full clarity and be a true “CEO” will never ever happen.

Reason #3: You don’t have a real business model

Most folks at $0-$150k don’t have a business model.

You found an opportunity and you took it…

Now, the problem is… your business model is broken.

It doesn’t have any of the leverage above…

And quite simply…

You may have to take a crack at a new business model in order to properly grow…

This stops many Entrepreneurs, because they are afraid to “tinker with what works”…

Yet, if they don’t change their actions, they will be stuck with 10% a growth a year, not 1000%.

Reason #4: You still don’t have a “reason”

Once you have the sharks off your back… you must have a purpose for what you do…

It doesn’t have to be your life’s purpose.

Marketing isn’t my purpose in life.

However, my purpose is to change how Entrepreneurs are able to scale from $100-500k –> $1M, eliminating the difficult pieces by giving the right mentoring and education…

Thus, I’m creating a brand new type of eLearning company.

It’s not my destiny, however, it’s a purpose, I can wake up and pursue every day for the next 5 years.

Without this… you’ll get burnt out…

and further, after you make $25k/month, for the most part, your life is “good”…

Making $25k/mo and $250k/mo doesn’t actually change your “lifestyle” that much.

However, one makes you rich, the other one allows you to “live rich”.

Reason #5: You are allergic to money

Most people I meet are allergic to money, they don’t want any of it.

They feel like there is some responsibility, like it is “dirty”, like it’s not for them.

They say, “I don’t like money”.

In reality, what they are saying, is that they don’t like the responsibility of FREEDOM.

Money buys us FREEDOM and FREEDOM scares us…


We can be whoever we want when we aren’t accountable to the set of rules that the world gives us.

Being “rich” allows us to do what we want, when we want, for whatever reason we want…

And you’re afraid that you’ll become the TRUE version of you and those people who are around you today, won’t like you anymore, because of it.

Instead, look at FREEDOM as the ability to truly unlock your authentic self… to do what you want, when you want.

It’s okay, to have money.

Reason #6: You’re only using your network and referrals

You’re going to get nowhere fast using your network and referrals to drive your business.

If you do this, you’re months away from a disaster.

You’re playing the lottery…

If you’re the ONLY thing that is bringing new customers and clients, then you have a major problem.

You must automate this process, you must be able to attract new clients and customers, automatically and turn them into customers, in a nearly automatic process.

The only thing you should have to do is host a webinar, or have a sales call (or your sales person, do that call).

If you’re always out there, “hunting things down”, you’re going to always be on what I call the 6-Figure Hamster Wheel.

You’re better than that…

You can attract people in a 1-to-many way…

Not a 1-to-1 way, that’s not leveraged.

Reason #7: You’re trying to follow a “blueprint”

If you’re trying to follow some blue print, it’s impossible.

There is no one size fits all for growing your business…

Take inspiration for many places, however, remember that what works for someone else, may not work for you.

Find mentors/coaches that have done the exact same thing as you and study them… see what you want and what you don’t want.

I’m talking about how you run your operations… how you run sales… how you run marketing… how you run your life.

Just because I run my life a certain way… doesn’t mean it’s a blueprint for YOUR definition of success.

That’s on you.

Don’t copy, rip and duplicate for your own success.

Reason #8: You’re living for the result, not process

If you want to truly succeed, you most become obsessed with the process and separate it fully from the result.

Building a business that does $50k+ a month, requires that the result you expected, won’t happen… time and time again.

This requires a large amount of patience.

If you’re always beating yourself up because you didn’t hit your goal, or you’re disappointed, you’ll get nowhere fast.

By focusing on perfecting the process and letting the result become better and better overtime, it takes the pressure off, giving you the ability to do things in a better mindset.

Reason #9: You’re afraid of growth, due to being comfortable

A common theme, I see with folks is that they may complain about not hitting their revenue goals… or their goals in general, yet they do nothing about it.

Being miserable has so much comfort, that they are “okay” with the way life is…

Because, it’s just NOT THAT BAD…

and it probably isn’t.

Problem is, when your life flashes before you, before you die someday… are you going to regret the comfort you exchanged your best version of your life for?

So, then how do you generate $50,000/mo?

1. Have the right audience

2. Have the right offer

3. Have the right business model

4. Deploy Internal + External Leverage

5. Automate 3-Tiered Attraction

6. Look at money as value-exchange

7. Get Ready for Real Freedom and Impact

Go and dominate that shit…

If you’re at $8,000 – $25,000 a month and want help…

PM me, I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

– End –

Wise words from a young Canadian man who should know… Just ‘Google’ the name ‘Scott Oldford’ you’ll find the story of his journey as an entrepreneur utterly fascinating.



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