5 Simple Tips To Stop Your Content From Stinking







Whether you’re a coach, consultant or expert or even new to online – does your content stink?

I mean take a good, hard look at what you’re putting out there.

And then ask yourself why am I doing it?

Am I happy with it.

Can it be improved?

Let’s start with the ‘why’!

Why are you creating content?


We want reach (more people to see it).

We want consumption (more people to consume it when they see it)

And we want engagement (people to actually do stuff when they’ve consumed it like buying our produscts/services or affiliate recommendations unless you’re running a ‘not for profit type of business’. Which most people are NOT! Right?)

Yet, all I see are individuals concerned about #1 – reach.

Remember your momma telling you that quality is more important than quantity?

Well, she was right (again).

Look, if your content is shabby (meaning nobody consumes it or engages with it), there’s very little point trying to increase your reach.

In fact, if you start the other way around, you’ll see much faster success.

So, lets start with engagement.

How do we make your piece of content more engaging?

Here are some tips:

ASK: Start by asking a question. Questions are naturally more engaging than making statements.

SPECIFICITY: Make your content SPECIFIC to an audience. If I talk about ‘weight loss’ then some men and some women *may* engage. But if I talk about getting “rock-hard abs”, or a “flat, firm tummy” – you already know who I’m talking to, right? More specificity = more engagement.

TIMING: When’s the right time to post content? It’s when YOUR market is online. If you’re targeting busy moms, 8-9am is probably a bad choice (as they’re doing the school run).

Think of your audience and when would they be online….

DEVICE: Remember that most people today will be consuming data on their mobile devices. Is your content optimized for mobile consumption?

You want short, punchy sentences.

Like that one.

And that one.

And try to avoid your paragraphs going longer than a few lines, otherwise people’s eye’s start glazing over. About 3-4 lines per paragraph is about right.

Like that one.

Oh, and if your reader is on mobile (or anywhere really!), then GET TO THE POINT.

There’s way to much rambling in posts and articles, videos & webinars before anyone gets to the point of the content……  Right?  With me on this?

People are time and money starved.

Serve your content up in ‘snackable bites’!

And you’ll see more engagement AND sales!

And while it’s providing great content you also need great tools.

Make it easy for the person who shows up on your site to do business with you.

Make it easy for them to raise their hand and say: “Me too, Please”!

How do you do that?

If you understand your audience you can be very specific in your messaging, your content and your offers.

Be at the right place at the right time.

Your prospect will thank you for understanding them because they are looking for solutions to their ‘pain points’.

Make sure you make it as easy as possible for them to quickly grasp your solution so they can take you up on your offer.

That’s when you have a ‘win-win’!

That is what leads up to what it’s all about in business…

Creating an exchange of value for value!

Or, in other words:  A SALE!

Now, go get ’em tiger!



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