18 Top Ways To Build Your Audience And Email List Fast On Social Media

18 Top Ways To Build Your Audience Email List Fast On Social Media Hello and Welcome Mark Huber here Youve no doubt heard over and over again that email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing platforms available Youve heard that the money is in the list and that its important to build an engaged following over email After all you own your email list You can take those emails with you if anything were to happen But if Facebook decides to ban you or you get locked out of your Twitter account game over You lose your following So you know you cant afford to ignore your email list But how do you grow your list from social media even if youre new and starting from scratch Well Ill tell you So here we go 1 Include a CTA in Your Social Media Bios Instead of using your bio on social media to describe who you are use that valuable real estate to drive followers to sign up for your email list with a compelling call to action You can do this on Instagram Twitter Facebook Vine Pinterest or wherever you can include a bio SuccessOnTheFlycom Protip Use the word free in the URL of your landing page for the most compelling call to action 2 Pin a Tweet with a CTA to Join Your List On Twitter you have the ability to pin a Tweet to the top of your profile so that it remains static at the top of your page This is prime real estate on your Twitter profile as its the first Tweet anybody will see when they land on your profile page Pin a Tweet with a call to action to get your followers to join your email list like Ive done with SuccessOnTheFly Your email list will be growing without you even having to think about it SuccessOnTheFlycom 3 Do a Call to Action Post on Instagram Instagram is still a great platform for driving followers to your email list with a comparatively high level of engagement Create an image of your optin offer SuccessOnTheFlycom Protip Include text over your image that indicates that the link to your offer or landing page is in your bio Instagram only allows one link and thats your bio link You can also tell your followers to copy and paste your link from your caption too 4 Facebook Page Cover Image Your Facebook page has one piece of prime real estate with the opportunity for a great call to action to join your email list SuccessOnTheFlycom Replace the image youre currently using with a call to action to join your list Include an image of your optin offer and your URL Breaking News You can now add a 90 sec video into your FB businessfan page Check out my post on how to do it and free service inside my private FB group to see how Idea To Profits In 21 Days You can see two examples here that Ive done httpswwwfacebookcompianoandtheorylessonsrichmondbc httpswwwfacebookcomsuccessonthefly 5 Set Your Facebook Pages Call to Action Button On your websites Facebook page you have the opportunity to have a call to action button SuccessOnTheFlycom Use that opportunity to drive visitors to your page and your Facebook fans to a landing page with button copy calling the visitor to sign up or join 6 Set Your Email Signup Tab on Facebook You can collect emails straight from Facebook provided youve got an email service provider If you do then you can make a tab on your Facebook page and embed a form to sign up for anything newsletters deals courses anything 7 Start Your Own Facebook Group Facebook Groups have a ton of benefits for your business but they can also grow your email list Create a private Facebook Group with the entry requirement that you need to be a subscriber of your email list to join You can include that criteria in your group description As your group grows so will your email list the larger the number the more social proof and the more people will want to be a part of it SuccessOnTheFlycom 8 Post in Facebook Groups You use Facebook I use Facebook 98 of the people you know use Facebook That means that a gigantic portion of your target audience is also using Facebook and just like theres a support group for almost everything can anyone recommend a good gelato addiction support group there is also a Facebook group for everything under the sun Posting high value posts that link to your optin offer is how you can grow a list of initial subscribers If done in a valueadded way as opposed to spamming this can be a great way to grow your list with a group of highly engaged members of your target audience Always give more than you take and remember to add value before you post your optin offer SuccessOnTheFlycom 9 Post in Google Communities Its true that Google is on its way out but Google Communities can still be active and engaged Join some relevant Google Communities in your industry or niche and engage with the members and the content for a bit before writing a blurb about your optin offer or newsletter and a link to your landing page If youre adding value most members wont mind and some might even find it useful Although the communities on Google are more like feeds its still important to give more than you take just like with Facebook groups Add value first and make it so signing up for your email list is a nobrainer 10 Add a Link to Your Landing Page on LinkedIn Create a compelling call to action and include a link to your landing page directly in your LinkedIn profile in your experience section SuccessOnTheFlycom This can convert visitors of your LinkedIn profile SuccessOnTheFlycom 11 Share in LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn Groups work much like Facebook Groups Google Communities and any other community based platform Join active groups in your industry Then contribute and add value to the group members before sharing your optin offer or call to action to join your email list 12 Start Your Own LinkedIn Group Create your very own private LinkedIn Group You get to be front and center and demonstrate your expertise at the same time while engaging with your new and growing membership As your group grows so will your email list the larger the number the more social proof and the more people will want to be a part of it 13 Export Your LinkedIn Contacts You know all those people youre connected with on Linkedin You can grab every single one of their email addresses Viola Within 24 hours you get a CSV file with name job title and email address in one neat package SuccessOnTheFlycom Heres what you do 1 Hover over your LinkedIn profile shot on the top right side and click Privacy and Setting in the drop down box 2 Click Getting an archive of your data and follow the instructions But dont add them to a list just yet Send a personal email asking them if they want to join your list Adding without permission is a huge nono so take the time to follow up with everyone to make sure its ok 14 Create a YouTube Video CTA Build your list from YouTube calls to action SuccessOnTheFlycom In this case that link leads to a page where individuals can apply for Marks my Unlimited Coaching Services and of course need to use their email address Clicking on the CTA will take individuals to here to continue SuccessOnTheFlycom Make sure to use a call to action at the bottom of all your videos Make sure to include CTA links in the description of every YouTube video you do If for example you focus on one call to action in your description say to a checklist or report or preferably to a newsletter signup then you increase your odds of a subscription 15 Pin Your Call to Action to Your Own Board on Pinterest Besides adding a call to action to join your list in your bio there is another way to drive subscribers from Pinterest SuccessOnTheFlycom Create a Pinnable image for your newsletter or landing page and Pin to a relevant board with a link directly to your landing page SuccessOnTheFlycom Use a tool like Canva to create the image and collect email addresses from there 16 Pin Your Call to Action to A Group Board on Pinterest Its true that Pinterest can be a highly engaged platform and can drive a lot of traffic and this is even more true with group boards Group boards are contributed to by groups of people and tend to have huge followings usually tens of thousands of people How would you like to get your content upgrade optin offer or call to action in front of 30000 members of your target audience Thats what Im doing when I contribute my own content to a group board I am part of SuccessOnTheFlycom Become a contributor to the popular group boards in your industry and then contribute not your Pinnable image but also other relevant content You dont want to only contribute your own calls to action Protip Use Pingroupiecom to find relevant group boards 17 Start Your Own Group Pinterest Board See that on some boards how the call to action in the group Pinterest board works also The smart ones ask you to email them to join As more people catch on to the power of group boards and request to contribute to the board the owners following will grow You can grow your email list too by creating a group board and instead of asking potential contributors to follow you make it a prerequisite for the contributors to subscribe to your email list 18 Social Monitoring And this is deep social monitoring The kind that can take some time but has a tremendous 1to1 impact Heres how you pull this beast off 1 Pick Your Blogs Most Important Keywords Im talking about keywords that the majority of your best blogs address If youre an SEO agency you might pick keywords like rank on first page or better SEO 2 Find Your HighestConverting Blog Posts Pretty straightforward here Pick out the blog posts that are most successful at converting visitors into subscribers 3 Set Up A Hootsuite Account SuccessOnTheFlycom I use Hootsuite but you can use any other keywordmonitoring tool you like Once youre in there you set up keyword monitoring 4 Listen and Respond From there you check in and respond to relevant tweets Im just using Twitter but you can certainly use Facebook Google LinkedIn or any other medium you want Once you see a post that is relevant to your list of blog posts reply with