12 Top Benefits To Optimizing Your GMB Listing Today



Will your business ‘survive’ or ‘thrive’ in today’s economy?

The reason I ask is that more & more people are searching for products & services online…

But are they finding YOU?

Is your current listing on Google the ‘customer’ magnet’ you had hoped for?

If not, we know how to fix that!

Did you know that your ‘Google My Business’ listing is one of the most powerful yet underrated online marketing tools you have available at your fingertips today!

Without optimizing it, you’re missing out on using it as a customer ‘lead magnet’ for serious and motivated leads & sales opportunities for your products, goods & services….

Because if  you’re currently not optimizing your Google listing you are severely limiting your online reach, visibility & revenue.

Don’t believe us?

We’ve put together our 12 top proven optimization methods & benefits using all 12 of the features available to all businesses in their ‘Google My Business’ platform.

Curious to see how you stack up?

Just continue along here as we show you how to optimize your current Google My Business’ listing to become your new ‘unfair’ advantage over the competition!



Now, while we may all chuckle about truth of this: ‘the best place to hide a body is on the 2nd page of Google’…

It’s a ‘dark joke’ because as a business owner, it’s a scary spot for your business to be!

Allot of time, money & resources are committed by businesses on a daily basis to get on the 1st page of Google!

And we are here to help you do just that!


Did you know that…

96% of searchers will never look past Google’s 1st page

46% of all Google searches are seeking local information

“Near me” or “close by” type searches grew by more than 900% over two years

8% of consumers who do a local search on their smart phone visit or call a store within 24 hours

82% of all search traffic in 2-3 years will be generated via video content

64% of shoppers are more likely to buy a product if it’s accompanied by a video

In today’s hyper competitive market place your business is either digital & visible or it’s dead!



Your business listing on Google is your new home page!

(It even usually appears over your own business website!)




Optimizing your business listing on Google & Google Maps puts your business in front of customers actively looking for the products & services that you offer.

People aren’t using Google the way they used to.


Customers simply don’t browse websites anymore – most comparison is done on the actual search results page.

There’s so much information in your ‘Google My Business’ listing now (especially if it’s correctly ‘optimized’) that there’s often no reason for searchers to click through to your website at all.

Need the phone number? It’s on your GMB.

Want to shoot a quick message? You can!

Business hours? They’re posted!

Want to see ‘Products & Services’ offered?  They’re there.

Want to learn more? See ‘Posts’

Want to see more?  See ‘Video Posts’

Questions? See the FAQs section.

Unsure of the reputation? Check out the reviews.

All that & MORE without ever even going to YOUR business website!


Unfortunately, far too many businesses pay ZERO attention to their GMB listings (let alone maintain it) – and they’re losing out because of it.

We don’t want you to be one of them!


Welcome! My name is Mark Huber and I manage SuccessOnTheFly Marketing, a digital marketing agency focused on providing high search results for businesses owners & organizations looking to increase their online visibility, reach & revenue faster by optimizing their business listings on Google to give them a ‘new’ unfair advantage over their competition!




Some of our recent wins include…


A piano teacher in Richmond, BC in a very competitive market!

Population of 300,000 with over 200 piano teachers offering lessons…



She now holds the enviable position of #1, #2 & #3 ranking in the coveted ‘Google 3 pack’ for the search terms: ‘piano instructor richmond’, ‘piano teacher richmond’, ‘piano lessons richmond’.  (Don’t believe us? Just type any of the search terms into your digital device & see for yourself!)




Beanery2Bistro restaurant in McBride, BC



Beanery2Bistro located Northern BC holds the coveted #1 spot in the ‘Google 3 Pack’ for the search terms: ‘restaurants in mcbride bc’ and ‘mcbride bc restaurants’. (Don’t believe us? Just type any of the search terms into your digital device & see for yourself!)


Getting your business ranking on the 1st page of Google & Google Maps & keeping it there is no simple task!

It requires constant, up-to-date maintenance


Ranking on the 1st page of Google also means taking advantage of & optimizing ALL the resources Google offers!


What are these ‘resources’?


Following are the 12 features that are available to your business listing on Google in the ‘dashboard’ of  your GMB platform.


1. Photos/Images Unlimited photo/image uploads (businesses showing more images get over 37% more clicks, calls & direction requests!)



Image search is a new and growing online trend! Take advantage of it!

PRO Tip:  Photos/images & videos can & shuld be ‘geo tagged for your businesses specific location (longitude & latitude) in search results!  Huge help for specific ‘near us’ & ‘close to’ search results…


2. Video  Want to build trust & sell more from your Google listing? Start by educating your clients through video!

Did you know:

Videos increase conversions more than other forms of online marketing

52% of consumers who watch product videos are more comfortable making purchases

76.5% of business owners using video say it’s had a direct impact on their business!

Whether you sell ‘in-store’ or ‘online’, providing videos that show ‘what you do’, ‘why you do it’ & ‘how you do it’ will help move your prospects/customers along in their buying decision.


Here are 6 reasons your Google listing can build trust & help sell by using video

1. Show why you’re different over the competition

2. Explain your products

3. Educate your customers

4. Show off your work

5. Videos convert clients

6. Search engines love videos

PRO Tip:  Unlimited video uploads (video 30-60 sec. spots ie: What you do. How you do it. Why you do it. Upload videos to ‘branded’ YouTube channel ie: “Your Business Name’!   Then ‘download’ and add to your GMB posts & all other social platforms your business is on! After all, Google (the biggest ‘search engine’) owns YouTube (2nd biggest ‘search engine’)! All this helps with search & ranking results too.




Looking for inspiration?

Here are some examples of select client promo videos

Ildiko Skeldon Piano Studio


Classis Cedar Craft (Gazebo Manufacturer)


Everything Foam Shop


Beanery2Bistro Restaurant



You don’t even need fancy equipment or a big budget…

Just start with your phone & you’re ‘good to go’!

In fact, people often prefer ‘real, raw & relevent’ over the ‘staged & scripted’!

But make sure to mix it up & check your ‘stats’ to see what gives you the most engagement!




Beanery2Bistro restaurant video ‘walk through’ post


Everything Foam Co. video on types of foam products post



Ildiko Skeldon Piano Studio on piano students YouTube video performance

Pro Tip: Always include a ‘call to action’ to ‘share’ at the bottom of each post! You’ll be amazed at the response!
Something like: Hey, before you go feel free to hit the ‘share’ button here to let other great people just like you 😎 know about us too! Don’t worry we’ll wait right here while you do it!   Thanks! 😎


3. Google Posts Posting on your business listing is awesome because it let’s you show case your business through updates, new coupons, deals & events, etc. in creative ways.  We always encourage the use of images, videos, and ‘call-to-action’ buttons to drive up user engagement.  Posts last forever online but only the last 6 posts are ‘shown’ in ‘search’ via your GMB listing & your ‘Google Business Site’.




Share Posts:  This share feature lets anyone share your post on any of their social platforms & email, etc!  Super cool!


Post Analytics:  This feature lets you see how users are interacting with your posts & this data can be used to craft even better posts as time goes by.





4. FAQ feature Unfortunately, this feature is generally overlooked by business owners! However, it’s too huge to dismiss! Get in front of the competition by informing your prospects about your products & services via the FAQ feature. Create & answer any top questions asked of your business, products & services.

Note:  You can see here that we have already ‘asked’ & ‘answered’ 25 questions reguarding ‘Google My Business’ on our FAQ!  It helps people get answers immediately and is huge in helping us in search ranking!

Remember:  People are searching for what you have!  You can give them the answers they are looking for right on your business listing on Google!  (This also helps with your Google search rankings when you also use ‘search keywords & phrases’ you want to get found for!)




5. Product & pricing feature  Unfortunately, this feature is almost never used by business owners! If you sell products let the world know about them & the pricing! Great way to educate & ‘pre qualify’ your prospects before they call you or come into your store!





 6.Services & pricing feature  This feature is rarely if ever used by business owners! If you have services let the world know about them & the pricing! Great way to educate & ‘pre qualify’ your prospects before they call you!





7. Get ‘Followers’ in Maps (All ‘followers’ of your business on ‘Google Maps’ will see your business updates/posts immediately appear in their ‘Google feed’)  Great way to keep your business ‘top of mind’ for both your prospects & clients alike!




8. ‘Welcome Offers’ Create a ‘welcome offer’ to reward your 1st time followers… Great opportunity to offer a ‘coupon’ for online purchases or for a ‘in store credit’ to encourage more ‘walk ins’ to your business.


Example:  Beanery2Bistro offers a FREE regular sized coffee to all 1st time followers…available when they visit the restaurant within 2 weeks of following.  How cool is that!  (Now, just think what you could do!)


9. Reviews One of the main focuses for any business to rank higher in Google is to get more high quality reviews! Every business should have an ongoing methodology in place of actively/passively asking for Google reviews! Collect reviews & ‘reply’ to them! More reviews indicate more ‘trust’ in the business!  More reviews than average generate on average 54% more revenue to a business!




10. FREE Google Website Create your FREE Google ‘business website’ (many templates to choose from) Another great feature within your GMB listing that is overlooked or dismissed by business owners. Remember: It’s this Google platform that usually comes up in search before your business website appears so take advantage of it & see what the results could be.

Example:  https://ildiko-skeldon-piano-studio.business.site/


Your Google business site gives an immediate, effective & efficient ‘overview’ of your business! 

Use it as another new ‘unfair’ advantage over the competition!



 11.  Messaging  feature.    Want to you turn your business listing on Google into a high performing, high converting tool to win more business fast?Then ‘turn on’ the messaging feature inside your business listing on Google.  Why?  In this day & age your prospects & clients use it & actually expect it from businesses.  You just may be pleasantly surprised the amount of activity & business it quickly generates for you!





12. GMB ‘Insights’ Monitors, analysis & reports on how your business listing is doing due to your online activities to optimize & continually maintain your business listing on Google.



Views in Google My Business Insights are like impressions.  They are not clicks on your listing.  They are also not reporting on unique visitors.  They are counted ‘per view’ so if a user saw the listing on Search and then clicked to Maps, it would count as 2 views.




Note:  ‘Call you’ numbers are typically smaller than actual calls to your business because Google only tracks searchers that call directly from your mobile GMB listing – NOT direct dialled calls or calls made from ‘desktop’, Google Home, etc.



Note:  List of ‘search queries’ that searchers are using.  Monitor this frequently to make sure you are optimizing for the search queries you want to be found for!


Start using all 12 of the GMB features available to you & you’ll be amazed at the results!


Unique Boutique Salon & Spa in Valemont, British Columbia Canada currently has no business website

We created a Google business site for them 3 months ago…

Here’s a ‘snapshot’ of the activity generated for Unique Boutique Salon & Spa over the past 3 months (1 quarter)…

We’re so pleased and proud for them & couldn’t be happier!

However, all this success (and others) really comes down to the fact that there must be client ‘buy in’ & participation… and working as partners with a trusted service provider!


And just before you go!

Here are some resources to help you along the way!


1.Actively encourage & get more Reviews

If you’re a ‘bricks & mortar’ store set ‘table top’ signs by ‘guest book’ to prompt for verbal requests for ‘reviews’ & in store ‘posters’ as passive reminders to ‘review’ & ‘follow’ us!  (See examples below…)


Please Review Us On Google!




Find Us On Google!


Google Marketing Kit:  You can quickly create your very own business Free stickers, posters, social posts, and more from Google for your Business Profile on Google.  It’s FREE right here:  https://marketingkit.withgoogle.com/



2. Maintain business listing NAP  Besides your business listing on Google you need to make sure that online directories showing your business listings are NOT ruining your Google rankings!  For Google to show your business higher over your competitors in search results they need to know that your business is ‘trustworthy’ and one of the biggest ‘signals’ it uses is NAP

A consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) across the whole Internet is critical in establishing ‘trust’ with your business in Google’s eyes.

You also need to continually monitor your NAP for accuracy & consistency.

 Example:  NAP Analysis for ‘Valley Museum and Archives’




Make sure that your NAP is consistent on any of the relevant directories you see value in for your business.

Delete any accounts with your listing in them that do not serve your needs or are totally inappropriate for your business category.

Check your business listing NAP now.  It’s FREE here:  https://moz.com/checkout/local/check


More correct directory listings will give your business much greater exposure, reach & revenue!



3. Increase activity on your social media platforms  More & consitent activity on your business social platforms will send signals to Google so that at some point Google will reward you by adding those social icons under your GMB listing.  Helps to establish even more ‘trust’, visibility & reach with your GMB listing.


4.  Add a chatbot to your Google listing

Are you currently giving your prospects & customers the opportunity to engage with your business right on your Google listing even before they go to your website?

Looking to turn your Google listing into a high performing, high converting tool to win more business?

Looking for that competitive edge that will give you a new ‘unfair advantage’ over the competition?

Did you know that a whopping 67% of customers would rather communicate with businesses via text messages than emails or phone calls?

Are you helping them help you?

Would you like to?

Want to know how?

Start by adding in a ‘frictionless’ experience that immediately engages, informs & ‘pre qualifies’ too!

Ever thought of adding a simple chatbot on yout Google listing?

Want to see how we do it?

Here’s our Google ‘short link’ that will take you to our Google listing.

Or visit our Google site here!

When you’re there just tap ‘Website’ to experience our chatbot.

Are you a business that relies on appointments?
Then just tap ‘Appointment’ to experience a non chatbot “Typeform’ sequence



By adding a chatbot you make it far easier for your business to turn your Google listing & website traffic into conversations that lead to sales fast!

Engage with your ‘ideal people’ 24×7!

Expect to see an average 20% boost in conversions!

Start making connections 24/7 & communicating through the channels your ‘ideal clients’ actually prefer!

Take the first step towards creating the best user experience for your users?

Start testing this out for yourself today!

Here are links to our 2 top favorite chatbot platforms

TARs  http://bit.ly/growwithatarschatbot

Collect Chat  https://collect.chat/#_r_markhuber

(FYI:  Please note that we have not been given any free products, services or anything else by these companies in exchange for mentioning them here. The only consideration is in the form of affiliate commissions we may recieve if you see merit in their offerings after clicking the links here. We can wholehartedly recommend both programs because we have personally used their services & found them to be great partners, helpful and trustworthy.)


5. Review Google ‘Insights’ regularly to track your optimization progress



Example:  [Our Case Study] How we generated Google traffic & 833 views to a GMB listing in 24 hrs. (& how you can too!)

It’s right here on our site all you have to do is Click Here

Congratulations if you’ve read all the way down to here!

We applaud you because you’re obviously serious about improving your business & leveraging the power of your business listing on Google for increased rankings to get found fast online for more visibility, reach, leads & sales.

We wish you all the very best of continued success!











Mark Huber

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