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[Case Study] See How A Piano Teacher Gets Top Ranking For Her Local Business Listing On Google

Watch as I go through a case study where we helped a local piano teacher get top ranking in her market against over 200 other piano teachers…

Your optimized business listing on Google is actually a huge deciding factor in ranking over your competition.

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We help businesses owners, entrepreneurs & individuals (perhaps just like you) get found, engage with your ‘ideal people’, sell & add to your bottom line faster by optimizing your business listing on Google for higher local area search results & through the power of interactive media.

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When your business listing on Google is optimized (and maintained & updated monthly) it’s time to take a hard look at your website!

There’s a reason 98% of consumers leave your site without interacting

And why your typical landing page conversion rate is only 2.35% & your email open rate is 20% with ‘click throughs’ of 3.40 (if that!).

The reason?

Today’s consumers are hyper-empowered, hyper-connected, demanding & impatient.

They are smart enough to be using today’s technologies & tools to their advantage.

Do you currently offer your ‘ideal clients’ a simple & efficient way to interact with your business?

24/7? On the channels they are on, know link & trust?

And expect the same from you!

If not, the good news is, we already know how to fix it!

Oh, and another thing…

Remember QR codes?

We love the versatility of QR codes  because now they can help you start conversations with your ‘ideal clients’ from ANYWHERE that they are!

QR codes can be printed and put on your business vehicles, your store front, posters, flyers, business cards, trade shows, etc.

Start engaging where your ideal clients by combining QR codes & conversational flows.

If you have your smart phone handy just scan this QR  code (below) and watch the magic happen!








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Conversational marketing is a faster way to qualify leads and gather information about your prospects, and it does a whole lot more than collect emails and names.

It’s the perfect tool for delivering a better experience to your website visitors and of course, filling your pipeline with qualified leads.

Are you currently providing a frictionless customer experience?

Want to start?

Conversational marketing is pretty simple.

You just need to get it going!

Ask us how today!

*** The Future Is Here And it’s Waiting For You! ***

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‘Messenger Messaging – Why It’s The Future Of Marketing’ (a short presentation by Mark Huber)

Messenger marketing is my ‘secret’ #1 growth strategy for giving me an ‘unfair’ advantage over my competition!  

Want to get your own ‘unfair advantage’ working for you?

Let’s chat about how to quickly insert a Messenger marketing strategy into your current marketing program.

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Conversational Landing Pages Are My Newfound ‘Hack’ To Creating Landing Pages That Convert Fast


If you’re new to my channel I live in Vancouver Canada where I am a conversational marketing evangelist & love helping busy entrepreneurs transform their online relationships into revenue fast through the power of conversational landing pages, Messenger marketing & interactive media.

Only 2% of businesses will use this NEW way to generate qualified leads.

Will you beat the odds?

Let’s chat about how to quickly insert a conversational marketing strategy into your current marketing stack.


Mark Huber








We provide consulting and ‘done for you’ services.

To connect with Mark Huber
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